I Joined a Fortnite Fashion Show with the *SECRET* SKIN… (you can't get it anymore!)


I joined a Fortnite Fashion Show Contest with the *SECRET* SKIN… (you can’t get it anymore!)
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I joined a Fortnite Fashion Show Contest with the *SECRET* SKIN… (you can’t get it anymore!) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go into Fortnite Battle Royale fashion show contest in Creative and see if the secret komplex skin can get us a win in Fortnite Fashion Show Contests!

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– LG Kiwiz #fortnite

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  1. Kiwiz says

    this skin is too drippy

  2. Damian Morando says

    I want the skin

  3. Jucilene Santos says

    Make this on brazil plsss

  4. Jokūbas Bareišis says

    Whait you have evry skin

  5. Leonardo Perez says

    Hi kiwis I hope u see this but the glow sticks emote matches the skin I know I'm late was hell but I really do hope u come and see this ?

  6. Taeven Z says

    Overwatch players read this. Tell me that doesn’t look like lucio

  7. Fade on 60fps says

    If there was sharks now it would not be possible

  8. ice clan says

    I have that skin

  9. Omar ツ says

    When you realize it was just in the item shop yesterday lmao

  10. Musty says

    When it came out like 2 days ago?

  11. RyftLF says

    Haha its back

  12. Fierce Cobra says

    It’s back

  13. Ttv_tryhard6 -_- says


  14. H Stordy says

    Why do people watch the whole vid then dislike it what’s the point of watching the vid

  15. Life with Nija says

    “yhu can’t get it anymore” I got this skin like a month ago ..

  16. We're Cool says

    if anyone is in a fasion show wear the defaut riding the llama and the do the bouncer emote

  17. B Andreotti says

    Its hooligan hefs whats up

  18. B Andreotti says

    Tell em im doing EEtswa

  19. Oliver Wikholm says


  20. Rifts_ Fn says


  21. Larry Eisenstat says

    I’m in AZ??:(

  22. Vc. Snipez says

    What's the streamers twitch?

  23. Mrs Mahay says

    I have that skin

  24. Brownie Berry says

    My friend has that skin…

  25. Just Another Random Guy says

    Kiwiz join a fashion show with a moded skin like so kiwiz can see my comment

  26. Div Plxto says


  27. Vibez Xnvy says

    Like how it say yeet a opponent

  28. Louis Foranoce says

    Kiwiz can I and you please my name is Laxlou901 in fortnite

  29. Your mom N says

    Try to get a. Captain America skin or a marvel skin like easy money

  30. Timmy Romero says

    Kiwiz be my dad 🙂

  31. tye harris says

    It was in the item shop

  32. GAF-e13 says

    Mate you know that when fortnite update it is like 2.00am

  33. Vincent Dorando says

    i was gonna get that skin but i got somethong else that skind issnt rare!!???!?!

  34. Kelly Fiorillo says

    bro its not secret my sister hs it

  35. Akumu-悪夢 says

    Can someone pls gift me the skin

  36. La Toyah McAllister-Jones says

    Just like it can't come back out but the other day it came back

  37. Goku Aariz says

    why didn’t u use glowstick

  38. Oscar Romero Castro says

    Respect the drip boi

  39. Kamran Bhatty says

    I got 10 percent

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