I SECRETLY Joined Small Streamers FASHION SHOWS! (They Didn't Know!) – Fortnite Battle Royale


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  1. SypherPK says

    If you guys want more videos like this be sure to like, subscribe and join the #DonationSquad ??

  2. GabZ Gaming says

    Sypher pk cutting in line
    Also him they are cutting in line

  3. Jon Sotelo says


  4. Carlos Salgad0 says

    Be quiet Karen

  5. Leonardo Pustahija says

    Not a singke soul realize how sypher smart was that day i think he is only one who realize its fake and scam i think he is ultra smart

  6. Nikfri says

    The second guy was a scammer i joined his fashion show before and replayed a video over and over again and keept saying 2 more likes or 2 more subscribers

  7. SIRFISHY 420 says


  8. Subbing to everyone Who subs to me says

    Read my name

  9. Incline Dybala says

    Sypher: cuts the line
    Also sypher: get mad when someone else cuts the line ????????

  10. MRslippy1 YT says

    1:45 with captions haha

  11. ROBOT BOY says

    Sypher join itsMessy s stream it’s legit

  12. ghost boi says

    What's donating?

  13. Evolk Silent says


  14. Kale Schultz says

    follow my twitch and ill follow back Kale6780 (:

  15. Anthony Ops says

    fortnite fashion custom show/scrims will sometimes be pre-recorded and ways to tell is They dont show their subscriber count, you can´t go 5 secs back,their video is a day or two old(check when it started), and they say if we get 5+ Subs and likes well start

  16. John Kafasis says

    5:42 Teacher: where is Mike? Student: just in his house playing fortnite and puts 1000 dollars in the game just to win the fashion show Other Student: oh and eliminating Shypherk to just win

  17. Kayin Mehta says

    Sypher sucks

  18. RSP_VANOS says

    U have nice wife it nice :/

  19. Back Up says

    5:34 0nLinE h0MesCh00l

  20. Maria Garcia says


  21. Kathy Harris says

    Sypher grefes

  22. Kathy Harris says

    Sypher stop griefing

  23. Adri222 222 says

    “I think this outfit is pretty fire” It is.

  24. Base Crayon says

    0:09 yeah It has fire

  25. Taydornador Ya says

    The livestream guy was a huge idiot

  26. Legend—brawlstars _ says

    Wow sypher wants that money when his girlfriend saying no

  27. Eisenhart Blanco says

    I loved it when he screamed at the ikonik skin

  28. LiGhtViSion 08 says

    That last guys name is game away kay he is actually real

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