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1996 Interview with world’s “human computer” Shakuntala Devi during her visit to Hong Kong in 1996. The Indian prodigy was featured in the 1995 Guinness Book of Records for her feat 1980 June 18th feat of demonstrating the multiplication of two 13-digit numbers: ‘7,686,369,774,870 x 2,465,099,745,779′, picked randomly by the Computer Department of Imperial College, London. She produced the correct answer of 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730’, in just 28 seconds.

Shakuntala Devi’s obituary in The Telegraph

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  1. queyewcher says

    Whos still watching in July 2020?

  2. Sheetal Patil says

    Watching this after seeing trailer of movie ?.

  3. swapna dandamudi says

    Love you madam

  4. Cerene Maria Joy says

    Err.. number 4 is considered bad luck?? Explains a lot 2020!

  5. krishna manohar says

    It is a very embarrassing situation that untill a movie is making on her.. we don't know about her..that to she is an INDIAN ??

  6. Memes 's Challenges says

    Any one here after watching shakuntala Devi movie ads????

  7. sathya swaroopa says

    I just saw lady Abdul Kalam ji in her way of talking and gestures proud of you mam….

  8. Amisha Rathee says

    The way she talks just won my heart ?❤️♥️?????

  9. Suvashis Banerjee says

    Idk why I feel this?
    Most of the geniuses of India are from South India and Bengali?

  10. Serra Bhatkar says

    Here I'm struggling with 18x anything ?

  11. Riya Patel says

    Vidya balan and Bollywood might ruin her innocent character by misrepresenting facts

  12. Deepmala Yadav says

    I am proud of her Indian genius is always better than others ?? who satisfied my opinion

  13. Kouteek HBK says

    Shakuntala Devi – Talent of India
    We Indians are quite smart…
    Feeling proud ❣️

  14. Sharan Pujar says

    What's 2 times 2?

  15. Raunak Dubey says

    She needs to be in our school syllabus!

  16. Manaansh says

    Shaakuntaalaa devi that pronunciation tho:)

  17. Baba Yaga says

    just chekout the vibrance on such a face, brilliance of mind and spirit

  18. Harry PB02 says

    It's good that Bollywood started promoting Indians and Rich culture of India…

  19. General commander Blaze says

    Anyone watching this after hearing about the movie “Shakuntala Devi”
    Like if you did too

  20. Ace Gaming FF says

    Subscribe MATHSWEB

  21. Sai Kumar says

    Bollywood just mocking her by doing biopic

  22. Deepika s Singh says

    She is proud of India ❤️?

  23. ameerah ameerah says

    Sorry Sakuntala Devi..I will watch you on YouTube ??but I'm not support Vidya Balan in your biopic movie with rude comments on Late Sushant Singh Rajput⚘

  24. Sujitha M. K says

    She wore sari in hong kong. That too traditional one. So proud of you Ma'am????

  25. DKDM m.s soni says

    Suddenly shakuntala Devi ji old videos automatically appears in my YouTube

    Then I found ohhh upcoming Vidya's movie on shakuntala
    Wah YouTube wah ese to Kuch b trend Kara sakte ho bas rs? feko tamasha deko

  26. Krishna Kumar MR says

    Who is dislike this video? this people is not a human ?only Aliens

  27. sudhir Ghosh says

    India have lots of potential ☹️☹️☹️

  28. Shivjit Bhowmick says

    Vedic maths

  29. sunil rajput says

    I don't know why but her sound and style is similar to dr. APJ Kalam sir

  30. Kunal D says

    Someone should have asked her about 2020

  31. Priyanka Deka says

    India has so much potential. But corruption and poverty has ruined it…..

  32. Jery Ma101 says

    In the past maybe they think this lady is so very smart. If they know how she counts the number today, maybe there is no wonder anymore.

  33. garima pandey says

    This is how many times the reporter said mind boggling

  34. Priyanka k says

    1997 is my birth year ?

  35. Suhinita Sinha says

    M so happy that Shakuntala Devi is our representative of real power and skills of Astronomy, which has been forgotten by our generation and she have shown how intelligent and smart we were in past when astronomy was there.
    I m a strong believer in using old methods of learning because using machines have reduced our productivity of mind. You want to make your kid smart and good in maths, teach them music.
    I have seen many genius were good in music and paintings. It's just not a talent. It's a skill, practise and exercise for the development of mind.
    Today, many parents are mistaking by giving gadgets to kids at a very young age for easing their life. Probably, we can see many students are getting 90% above, not because they are super intelligent but because of easing the methods of academic marks and improvisation in exam methods. Now questions are not conceptual method they are more objective.
    At one point I find them relevant but it's a complete mess later because next generations are losing the real race of their life.

  36. Vishnu Shankar says

    Aaj wo english man 59 year ka ho gya

  37. Archit Kaulgud says

    3:14 cant believe im watching this on 24th july 2020

  38. Ncube Ventures says

    indian politician like congress do not give due respect to her.

  39. vivek prasanna says

    She was having difficulty in her 80s, her servants were not taking care of her properly and she had spoken out on a kannada news channel. The journalist Rahman on tv9 had interviews her.

  40. Chaya Tarkar says

    But such a wonderful woman left our india in 2013

  41. LearnCreate says

    Resolve these maths puzzles by Shakuntala Devi and feel proud of her:

  42. Indhushri Sadasivam says

    She seems to be very calm and composed,even though she has so much talent that none can have.

  43. Suraj Panigrahi says

    2:24 "Nobody challenges me. I challenge myself."
    I was mesmerized.

  44. Mini Sharma says

    Proud to be An Indian … Song a good inspiration to all…Mam -Hats Of To you?????????????

  45. Indraneel Mitra says

    Who came here after watching VIDYA BALAN starrer Shakuntala Devi trailer. ….

  46. farhan naveed says

    I would have paid whatever I have earned till date to meet her bcz I definitely know that Iam going to earn is exponential of what I had earned till date after consultation. Respect Mam

  47. Mani Dembla says

    My dob is 1/1/1997…is it the same year which has mam said???

  48. kishore d says

    What a brilliant women

  49. SUBHAM SAHA says

    Why i don't know her before this
    I regret myself

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