Inside Kaia Gerber’s Whirlwind First Fashion Week | Vogue


Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber took the New York runways and the streets with charm and wit.

Featuring: Kaia Gerber
Director: Bardia Zeinali
DP: Mika Altskan and Matvey Fiks
Stylist: Andrew Mukamal
Hair: Hiro Mari
Makeup: Ingerborg
Manicure: Arlene Hinckson
Edited by: Dylan Edwards
Sound: Max Mellman, Tim Race
Music: “Attitude” & “Money” by Leikeli47
Filmed at MetroMotion’s Daylight Studio & The Plaza Hotel

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Inside Kaia Gerber’s Whirlwind First Fashion Week | Vogue

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  1. Xander X says

    She’s so pretty, she killed the Alexander wang show

  2. Joanne Adoe says

    16 kaia manage to be a model and here i am being couch commander

  3. Tejas Mali says

    why was she looking like Zendaya in that white robe

  4. natxlia says

    I don't know who Kaia Gerber is ???

  5. Jaedson Diego says

    when she was thin enough for a model ?

  6. Emma Pope says

    guy with dog: "are you like a model or something?"
    kaia: "… yeah"

  7. Ona's Diary says

    Am I the only one who thinks she kinda looks like zendaya?

  8. Julia Anica says

    i want to be a model but im not rich and i dont have connections lol

  9. Hear Me Out says

    nepotism is everywhere ,that's such a shame ,….!!!

  10. Khuslen Ulziijargal says

    She looks like Zendaya

  11. S S says

    I can never get over how hard she slayed at the Alexander Wang show

  12. Matthew Castro says

    funny how when it says money I got money all three come with diamonds etc

  13. Özür dilerim, haklısın says

    fake kendall jenner

  14. Daniel Nickel says

    "First fashion week ever" and "supermodel" alright.

  15. Ali D says

    Literally where did it say Supermodel?

  16. Monika Minkova says

    Ich hasse sie ??????????????????

  17. Leila says

    kaia: "i'M sHy!"
    me: "no ur not"

  18. Izzy Jenna says

    She’s the same age as me and that makes me want to cry

  19. Reyhan K says

    3:05 are you a model or Something ??

  20. Ellie Bergeron says

    Why did I think Kaia was like 23

  21. Sneha says

    nepotism at its finest

  22. twerk@work says

    I'm glad she's filled out a little bit
    She was scary skinny here

  23. María Fernanda Herrera says

    No se que hago con vida si existen personas perfectas =(

  24. Sweetnr says

    her mom is a supermodel not her, she hasn't been in the industry long enough for her to earn that status it took years for her mom to do that. I wouldn't even consider Kendall or Gigi to be of that status. Cindy, Kate, Naomi, are supermodels.

  25. bree cheese says

    N9y as pretty as her mom she's young to have bags also the white privilege in this lol

  26. klarabama says

    we're born in the same year but like I don't know what happened to me lol

  27. Chloe Snicket says

    She kinda looks like Zendaya

  28. Ayesha Ashraf says

    Honestly i get offended when supermodels eat junk food lmao?

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