Install Ubuntu Linux using a bootable USB Flash Drive on any Computer


This a complete walk through on how to create a bootable usb flash drive with Ubuntu Linux on it, and then install it to a laptop or any PC. I will show you all the files and tools you need to download and walk you step by step on how to install ubuntu onto one of my spare laptops.

Thank you for watching, ask questions in the comments section.

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  1. ffas23 says

    Your Video helped me boot up Linux on my Accer Windows 7 Laptop with a bootable flash drive. Thanks

  2. riya singhal says

    Thanks man

  3. jay yollow says

    works in 2019?

  4. Kamran says

    Please help me, after installing Ubuntu at this point 12:14 I have to click restart, and when I restart the laptop it shows that "Operating System not found". I have tried to install Ubuntu from USB several times but it ends up always without Operation System. Please help.

  5. kso says

    L u n i x

  6. lochinvar00465 says

    I found a good use for the bootable Linux usb stick. Just got a used computer and wondered if it worked. Unfortunately, the previous owner removed the hard drive. Plugged in the stick, set up boot to usb, restarted it and voila we are in the Linux demo mode ready to install to hard drive(when I get it).

  7. Holomek501 says

    thank you!

  8. Jim Rattmann says

    Can I download to a CD or DVD instead of Flash Drive? I have an external DVD drive I can plug into my netbook.

  9. Jordan Jordan says

    Does this procedure delete/over right the current windows OS?

  10. h4fiz_ 18 says

    Hi anyone help me can I use both windows 10 and ubuntu or am I locked to only ubuntu now

  11. Jon Rowell says

    Great video! Very informative!

  12. OS Media says

    OO-BUWN-TOO = best os

  13. Chicken Squad says

    Can't u just download it straight to Ur usb and skip the other parts?

  14. DryRoastedNutz says

    So when you say USB Key are you just using the wrong name for a USB thumb drive? Or is there something called a USB Key now?

  15. American 015 says

    gonna try this on my ibm x336 lmao

  16. Chintan Bhomia says

    my laptop gives the error operating system not found. I'm changing XPS L502x HDD to SSD.

  17. Lloyd davies says

    nice 1

  18. Dopey Esquibel Esquibel says

    I've done everything right, but whenever I go to download Windows 7, it tells me "no operating system found" but, I also installed Ubuntu on the same usb stick and it installs just fine! I don't get it! Can someone throw me a frickin bone here?!

  19. Nikhil Zalte says

    Sir can I get a substitute for universal sub installer

  20. Saeed Smart Building says

    I want to download ubuntu into the USB stick and use the USB as the source of access and work on an ubuntu system. and save all my works and design into the USB. Is it possible?

  21. The Inventor says

    I have the same desk touch lamp!

  22. kayan moskochi says

    Nice thanks for the video

  23. Antonio Clemente says

    thanks my friend! It was very helpful indeed! greetings from Venezuela!

  24. Vishnu Teja Katta says

    Awesome Sir ?

  25. Le Punk says

    Thx. Good video

  26. Creon lightning says


  27. Tetra says

    Asianux wtf is that

  28. Rafael Vidal says

    Hey Thanks for the video!! can i delete ubuntu from the usb once is install at the computer?

  29. Arrbyy says

    ubONtu? Good grief!

  30. Let us figure it out with me says

    I like your explanation please go on

  31. The Damn Train says

    I have only removeable dev. Is this considered usb ?

  32. Kamel Ciagres says


  33. Pieter Vrugteveen says

    Very much appreciated sir!!!

  34. Sudais Shuraim says

    Thank you very much i really appreciated wish you all the Best

  35. keval tiwari says

    Nicely explained

  36. The K1ll3r Bear says

    Wow im exited to get started yet a small part of me is nervous

  37. Holy Shnarf says


  38. jeffpatto69 says

    No entiendo ni un carajo :v

  39. KarmaGG says

    you are a hero man! a true hero- love you

  40. Manuel Silvarrey Varela says

    This video is awesome. Like and subscribe. :-). I did this in an old hp elitebook with windows vista, and now it goes extremely fast. I have spent some time looking for a video like this. Well done sakitech!

  41. Ips R says

    It replaced vista. But did it replace all the files already saved before installing Ubuntu?
    Please reply?

  42. Do U Pray 2? says

    Universal USA Installer Easy as 1-2-3 has changed

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