Integrating the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android apps


In this video we’re covering how to get started by importing the Google Mobile Ads SDK into an Android project.

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Google AdMob Quick Start Android:

Sample Code for Android:

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  1. Simran Kaur says

    I won't understand brother ?

  2. Muhammad Ashraf Naqeebi says

    I don't know how to make an app, someone will help

  3. Luganda John says


  4. Who I Want says

    Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details.

  5. evans ukpe says

    Sam pls how do I installed the. SDK into my app

  6. Bero Games says

    Hi please we need same one to integrate with adobe animate cc and adobe Air pleas

  7. Gbenga Omotunde says

    Good day Bro, Please is there a way one can be help in the integrating of the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android Apps

  8. PAK US GAMER says

    Thanks brother for help

  9. Mikey Rivera says

    Question, is it doable to get the ads via Google Ad manager to be put into the admob?

  10. Neil Anand says

    Hey bud, Thank you for the tutorial.
    I followed every step but now I just need some clarification i.e. after applying the ''completion listener'', whats' the next step?

    I'm using Android Studio.

  11. Mba Kelvin says

    I want to create my app

  12. Raymond NC says

    Add a video guide on how to install it on android phone. Step by step

  13. VR Game Studio says

    Im confused, what is the difference between google ads sdk, google mobile ads and admob?

  14. A.J.S. Sarker says


  15. allan joy chanel says

    plss help make a android app

  16. roland thomas says

    Thanks very much for the tutorial.

  17. Kingsmeadow Sampson says

    I try to integrate the SDK into and existing app on Google play store but i can't find where to paste the it on the app. Pls I need help. I chose a app on playstaore I didn't built it.

  18. Esron Dtamar says

    Trying to do that on flutter, never works…

  19. LEONEL SILVA says

    how in unity?

  20. beny alice says

    I used app without coding for my app. How do I integrate admob to it?

  21. Haider Khan Haider Khan says

    Can you find my goods in urdu
    I need your help



  23. Artificial Pancreas says

    I can't generate your CODE as APPCOMPAT error problems

  24. hasan biqawsh says

    shukraan jazilaan laqid aiftani wasawf 'akun eind husni alaikhtiar kwm

  25. Jay Proxy says

    I need help to my app on Google admob account…the SDK is really giving me issue.. please i need help

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