Intelligent Technology Modern Cow Milking Automatic Machine Agriculture Smart Farming Hay Silo Feed


Intelligent Technology Modern Cow Milking Automatic Machine Agriculture Smart Farming Hay Silo Silage Feeding Tractor

Intelligent technology smart animal husbandry farming. New latest technologies, Automatic cow feeding machine, farm, automatic cow, cow washing, cow cleaning. Calves feeder, robot, device for the distribution of animal feed, milk. Cow feeding – hay bales, straw, silage. Cleaning of dirt on the farm, disinfection, dispenser. World Amazing Modern Agriculture Equipment and Mega Machines. Watch!

Intelligent Technology Modern Cow Milking Automatic Machine Transportation Calf Hay Silo Feeding Loader Tractor Truck Smart Farming Mega Oversize Load Fun LOL. Farm for Cleaning, Washing, Milking and Feeding Cows! Denmark
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Интеллектуальные технологии, разумное животноводство и фермерство. Современные технологии, приспособление для кормления коров, кормушка для телят, робот, устройство для распределение корма, сена, соломы, силоса, автоматическое опрыскивание вымени коров йодом, автоматическое доение коров. Мойка и чистка коров и быков. Смотрим!

Inteligente tecnología inteligente Agricultura Automático vaca ordeño máquina alimentación limpieza

Y Automático vaca granja Agricultura alimentación cabra agujeros Agricultura en en inteligente máquina Leche ordeño moderno producción oveja inteligente tecnologías tecnología el Animal nnintelligent

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  1. Andrew Kiplagat says


  2. winterblxssom says

    Are people really complaining bout the cows well bitch that’s gonna be my dinner

  3. Suchita Biswas says

    2:20 you can see that the animal is suffering. She lifts up her leg due to pain

  4. C Yochum says

    Fucking hippies

  5. Sandeep Jassal says

    Very nice g

  6. Siddharth Bohra says

    Thank god that would not happen to cows in India

  7. Jono Sorensen says

    Everyone complaining about how this is sad or terrible has never even stepped foot on a diary farm before. What you morons don't understand is that their is a huge incentive to treat your cows as well as possible. Happy cows = more milk, less health issues

  8. Kimberly says

    This is absolutely disgusting. Can you imagine this being done to women so we could drink their milk? It's just awful no matter how you look at it.

  9. THE wolf PARTY says

    Wow they make those cows wait until there udders are so soar then they milk it this Isent smart this animals abuse

  10. Pokémon Fans says

    These cows reminds me whitney's pokemon

  11. Шарифа Тимуровна says

    Што заета вайна


    8ô ki

  13. SUCCESS TIPS 4U says

    Hi bro nice

  14. Annemette Rossen says


  15. Zain says

    i wish human did not existed so that these poor animals can live free

  16. Sayali Mathkar says

    Its a wrong?..they treted harsly to cows…?

  17. Limelight ❤️ says

    I’m sad now??

  18. chuchuright says

    Poor cows ?

  19. Village goat farming says

    nice one

  20. Shijin Chen says

    Look,he is smoking when work

  21. Jan Play Time ! says

    Hi milk mom!

  22. Thundar Spikershott says

    The COWS come running to be milked, it’s not cruel.!

  23. Евгения Кашпарова says

    Грязные коровы, тесное помещение, немытое вымя, работник с сигареткой. Не хотела бы я пить это молоко. Мне одной кажется, что это антиреклама?

  24. Wagino Dewo says


  25. Wagino Dewo says

    Rumah kamu alamat nyadimana

  26. nikhil mandpe says

    Greediness of human made to traumatize animal

  27. Soumia Sabsab says


  28. Brandy Wood says

    Bruh that’s bad for cow to bee all together

  29. •Sunny Boi• says


  30. Anukshi Fernando says

    the cruelty, its very sad.

  31. Naeemakhtar Akhtar says

    Masha Allah

  32. Наталья Рудковская says

    Работа тяжёлая,только для мужчин,руки в говне до плеч.

  33. Viking Победа says

    мужмик дояр В ШОКЕ

  34. ??? says

    This is really messed up…Animals actually do have feelings. They shouldn’t be used like they’re machines.

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