We had an insane Football Fusion rematch with iiDominusExtremeus!

Previous Head to Head game:

iiDominus’ channel DomDimes which should be called DomDots:

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Intro & Outro Song:

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  1. Altkosi says

    Rip johns mental state

  2. Brandon Ravioli says

    New title :global qb battle but my teamates cant cover

  3. Lordianboss G.O.A.T says

    You would’ve won if you hogged that last play

  4. Arrington Maiden says

    Here before u blow up

  5. Natasha Durham says

    then cover

  6. Neggy 1527 says

    Juicy can you friend me on Roblox my user name is warriors4life100

  7. Amari Lewis says

    your team ass juicy if i got in your game n i was on your team we win and im on mobile im a mobile king add me up juicy name TG_HYPE

  8. Intelerit says

    majo like never has good wr. Only Antonio and Dino and milk.

  9. Johny Czarnuch says

    Can we watch replays?

  10. pearboii II says

    You won mvp which means victory even if you lose because you're juicy John

  11. Alex_Black9502 says

    13 reminds me of mike Thomas 7 taysom hill

  12. Jaquan Sanders says

    Juicy john friend me if u wanna good wr my user is: A1t_uweird

  13. Raphael Pacheco says

    Tbh the wr sold on the last play because they all just stood there they didn’t attack

  14. Faze Hassan 12 says

    Sad at the end?

  15. KING NOAH says

    Plz friend me on roblox I am lanboss102 and mrflipflop1019

  16. Chantelle King says

    That’s a DIME
    Juicy John
    That’s a dot

  17. LastKxnq says

    John hit 8k

  18. Lil Mo says

    Once when I was playing, my team was losing by 2 points and we were on defense so the last play the other team decided to do the 2 point conversion I picked it off from their endzone and got the 2 points for my team and won if for us

  19. iiNxghtmxre_ii says

    2:56 the mistake he made was he clicked early So by the time the ball got to him, the click went away and he couldn’t re click for the ball. Never happens to me bc I don’t click early

  20. Sean Nehlar says

    Feel bad man

  21. Bradley Poole says

    This is how many times he said “bro” ?

  22. Bradley Poole says

    Ps I don’t blame u he sux at qb lol

  23. Bradley Poole says

    Kvng jay is my freind lol

  24. Kalee Webb says

    bro in evry single vid you rage dude and it gets annoying stop

  25. DreamGamingYT says

    3:03 he barley made it but them juicy dives never fail

  26. Tyron Jinkings says


  27. ecgplayd says

    Stop complaining an get on the field

  28. SoloJay says


  29. Kyro Parker says

    (This is my moms account) Maj I think they are wide by u are covering xD

  30. Rafaela Guzman says

    have u met my friend Andyxon? he said that he met u and ur friends and added 1 of ur friends

  31. Noah Verity says

    you have KFC wifi dude

  32. Toxic Beast says

    You should’ve went for the extra point instead of risking it

  33. TENZEEs PEN9393 says

    yo keep up the good content i love your vids

  34. IAm AFan says


  35. SaucySmith says

    God bless ur qb skills man…

  36. im drunk says

    use wasd pls

  37. Lori Powers says

    Bruh he’s like we need. More dbs when he is rushing

  38. iKinetix says

    can add me. I'm a decent wr and rb. Username: iKinetix

  39. Benny J says

    Is Juicy The Dimers dad? Lol

  40. Samms 464 says

    This is Johns first video with good frames.

  41. German Ruelas says

    Juicy collab with dimer dillon

  42. 6lexz says

    Ayee wsp juicy again heart my comment ;D

  43. savage JackYT says

    3:03 juicy jukes? U just ran foward

  44. D SMITH says

    I’m your biggest fan

  45. D SMITH says


  46. Oozer 1 says

    Sad music intensifies

  47. IOnKy'sPlayz says

    1:13 That always happens to me like it wasn't wr fault.

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