Into A New Dimension! (Game Fails #293)



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  1. Jack Coquillon says

    3:58 The rare art of Sword fighting ……………….. with your pp

  2. Jason Voorhees says

    3:50 i had the same glitch

  3. Andrea Fabbri says

    3:52 Lemillion

  4. Michael Kunath says

    6:53. When you want to be a Super Saiyan.

  5. KingVeeZzZ says

    My clip at the very beginning, GameSprout is doooooope ??

  6. Christian xxiForza says

    2:44 -Sad reality on US

  7. Mayhem 2.0 says

    One job you have and you can't even get that right

  8. Takauchi Nishika says


  9. Your Rescuer says

    4:59 thats not r6 ?

  10. TCR-Scerbo - says

    4:13 YoungBoy playing Ghost of tsushima

  11. Xotiic says

    Damn the dude at 7:07 sounds like an angry chipmunk

  12. Martin J says

    Beautiful clips!

  13. Ridge frost says

    The third one's got to be the best thng i've ever seen?

  14. igor says

    0:35 ???????????

  15. GTA Official & wolf lover says

    5:53 saints row 2

  16. GTA Official & wolf lover says

    1:55 GTA San Andreas mods!!!!!!

  17. ~A(o)S~ says

    C'mon, admit it, in the mafia clip you were expecting "the face".

  18. Kyle Dʑʌŋ says

    4:46 i had the same bug same mission

  19. Natan Dutra says

    Ubisoft é uma empresa top, mas é líder em bugs kkkkkk

  20. Xherdos says

    i really frogot that BF5 was a thing

  21. Samin Yead says

    Dudes in the first three clips got some serious moves though! XD

  22. Said Fernández says

    Funny The last of us 2 ??

  23. Louie Green says

    1:59 I guess the C in CJ stands for Cronenberg

  24. Psychogamer 66 says

    Pretty funny

  25. *** Maciek *** says

    Sometimes I wonder if after all those mistakes with game names, they are actually doing this on purpose

  26. Dənix says

    4:50 the moment when he looked straight to the mirror killed me lmaoo

  27. shalaskaLuna says

    9:31 Ever made in China XD

  28. Tech XD says

    That third clip: dance is synchronised with the song.

  29. Santiago Rpi says

    Lmao That first one

  30. Ansiktskarl says

    2.50 just like USA nowadays. Antifa "protestors" and a black guy getting shot by Police.

  31. AJT ROXS says

    Shadow mordor

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