.io Games and The Rise of Fake Multiplayer


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  1. Miziziziz says

    I'm talking quietly because I have a cheap mic and the quality gets worse the louder I speak. I'm getting a new one in a couple days

  2. Edward Manookian says

    the.. the ad i saw… IO GAME

  3. Miguel 101 says

    Y'all should play defly.io because it is actually a multiplayer game just look at the lag

  4. The Dynamic Dudes says

    wait but ive legit played agario with an entire classroom of people before

  5. MikeThe Melon says

    Your voice sound like you're very very sleepy
    not a compliment

  6. Matheus Sandbakk says

    Wait Matheus? Noice!

  7. V J says

    The bots have invaded the comments sections dear god

  8. PSI_Digglit says

    .io games are like if you took any game and boiled it down to its most basic components.

  9. RavenWing says

    The good thing about Mope.io is it has a chat option, so you know that at least some of the players are real people.

  10. Mrkribz says

    Slither.io is amazing tho

  11. rblx12 says


  12. TreadTheDonut Duck says

    Man, Voodoo is the worst. That's all I have to say, I just hate them.

  13. Oklomsy says

    Finally.. someone who uses Linux!
    or GNU/Linux…
    or just Ubuntu…

  14. Aqua Gaming says

    A real .io game would be Krunker. It has no fake multiplayer which is nice, plus it’s like a mix of Quake movement and CoD.

  15. iluvchess says

    That intro was a perfect way to introduce this video
    Also Jarvis anyone?

  16. Cool Beans says

    I used to play a lot of Voodoo games after seeing Instagram ads for them all the time but they got boring after like a day of playing

  17. Ren Thewerecat says

    i been knew

  18. Favscripts90 says

    Krunker.io is vera real

  19. Olivia says

    atleast slither.io is real mutiplayer! it was always really fun to play with friends and meet up with them in the servers

  20. GraphicsOn says

    not all .io games are fake such as krunker.io It is almost the complete replica of CS GO but a web version.

  21. fzfzfzfzfzfzfzfzfzfz says

    Your channel name sounds similar to mine.

  22. I are Smort says

    One time they had a soccer game that worked a certain way and then a few weeks later they made an American football version which worked the exact same way but with American football. This just shows how voodoo are shitting out unoriginal content every week.

  23. pathmada says

    could you send me a 7kW amplifier and subwoofer so i can turn it up to full volume and maybe hear your voice?

  24. Hannah Adams says

    I knew they were fake the minute nobody had a stupid name ?

  25. Rapid Fuwrree says

    I like the "It's optimized" part I think vodoo forgot about it ..

  26. Jack Aj says

    Is snaker.io a fake multiplayer game?

  27. Dizzi Dog says

    I kinda like fake multiple player mainly just for being out side and not having a good connection you can play

  28. pokesonav says

    Eh, I don't want to interact with real people anyway

  29. Matthew Dylan Tan says

    Lmao aquapark.io was the ad that played smh

  30. John R says

    That’s why I always win in holeio

  31. Nicole Alonso says

    i knew something was suspicious about all the voodoo games on the iphone….

  32. Gisèle Ngimbi says

    Agar.io was a fun game tho. And then Snake.io came but was a fun game. Those were good times… Until they started to put .io everywhere to get fame.

  33. DATEC Studios says

    what is the game name of https://youtu.be/YCqnD40Q5T8?t=84

  34. hmm2 says

    nice linux bro

  35. Hopeful Dreamer says

    1:37 That Phoenix Wright profile just burned my eyes

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