iOS 13 – Hands-on with Dark Mode & New Volume HUD!


iOS 13 – Hands-on with Dark Mode & New Volume HUD! | Best iOS 13 Features & Changes

iOS 13 was released to registered developers today, and in this quick video, we go hands-on with the brand new Dark Mode and the all-new Volume HUD/Volume indicator!

iOS 13 – How to Play iOS Games w/ PS4 or Xbox Controller:
70+ Best New Features & Changes in iOS 13:

What do you think of these iOS 13 features? As good as expected?

Plenty more iOS 13 coverage coming soon, stay tuned!

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    UPDATE: 70+ Best New Features & Changes in iOS 13 –>

    What do you guys think of these new iOS 13 features? Btw, this is just 1 of 3 videos coming tonight/tomorrow!

  2. Alpha Wolf says

    I have a question how do you have your dark mode all black mine doesn’t do it that

  3. Delarius Clark says

    For the people that tryna invert colors please stop just get a upgrade

  4. Choo-Choo says

    I have iPhone 8 Plus and when I went to display and brightness I didn’t have dark mode? It’s weird.

  5. Carlos Dias says

    'My Dark mode' changes all, actually inverts color in my photos!!! Anyone? (smart invert is off)

  6. Pablo Allan says

    Dark mode not good for the email. Some
    Of them can’t see due to dark and the message can’t see that’s why I return to light.

  7. SARiKAiDEN Music says

    I hate how automatic was not an option in macOS Mojave, but I'm happy to see it in Catalina. At least apple got it right on iOS and added "automatic" the moment they added dark mode, instead of the freaking year afterwards XD

  8. Dreamt says

    I just downloaded iOS 13 Software update and my volume Botton broken and idk how to turn up volume

  9. WHITE—RANGER2482 says

    Nice song what it it call lol

  10. Nicole Martin says

    i have the xr and i don’t have apperneces helpp

  11. Your Boi says

    I watched 46 seconds of it and I got dark mode

  12. ikarlee says

    YES! I searched "iPhone 8 Dark Mode" and it kept on showing me 'smart invert colors,' but it turns my emojis blue, and I just don't like it. Thanks!

  13. Larry Whitney says

    where do you get your wallpapers from?

  14. Denise De la rosa says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have the buttons?

  15. Nubby says

    ? ??? ? ????


    I have the 10x max and I can’t get it and I have 13

  17. miishka says

    I am here only with iOS 12.4

  18. Ayman Gupta says

    Highly useful for me to Hide scratch on my iPhone

  19. Kkmuoo says

    I go to display and darkness but it’s not there 🙁

  20. wack says

    Mines doesn’t show up in lightness and darkness

  21. Ali says

    Dark mode does absolutely NOTHING for the battery. Its a myth

  22. Madison Grant says

    I dont even see that on my phone

  23. Swervo The God says

    So apple pretty much took dark mode from Samsung

  24. dior23ism says

    I hate volume hud ? How can I turn it off?

  25. jaden paul says

    What’s your PUBG username

  26. Yony Álvarez says

    I hate the volumen ?

  27. Yony Álvarez says

    I hate the new update

  28. ĤĨŚŐĶĂ says

    I dont have the dark mode ☹️ im in IOS 13 too

  29. Jason says

    I’m on iOS 13 this doesn’t help

  30. Isabella Shearman says

    Thank you

  31. Luxury arranged Lifestyle says


  32. Cristly A says

    This is the same shit as night mode wow so dumb whoever's falls for this marketing

  33. al3zzvd says

    From where did you get that home screen, it looks pretty cool

  34. Jun Aldeza says

    Dark mode is rocking for me.. no need for high brightness settings

  35. Sir Ted says

    If your iphone doesn’t show that it should show what the update is about and at the middle it should say install or update once u press should say downloading

  36. Mira !! uwu says

    Bruh I can’t change back to light mode >:( why won’t it let me ?

  37. Idk12 1 says

    Me: downloads iOS 3 on my I phone 8

    Also me now I don’t need the 11

  38. Rae says

    Hey what’s up I really want the dark mode but I have a iPod and my mom doesn’t want me to have dark mode on her iPhone so one like on my comment Is on step of getting me a iPhone ??????????

  39. VortexOfDoom2456 says

    It is not there for me on my iPhone six but my cousin has the same phone and she has it

  40. Tristen Baptiste says

    I don’t have that can u tell me y

  41. Jesus Reza says

    It dont show on my phone I have the 7

  42. Rosangela Sena says

    It should be called Spotify mode ?

  43. Scarlette Rose says

    Casually flex’s all his electronics ?

  44. haesthethiqué says

    I have ios 13 but i can’t change to darkmode

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