iOS 14 Concept by Avdan


Introducing iOS 14 Concept.

Meet the new home screen with redesigned icons and an option for tighter grid of icons.
Your interactions are more seamless with smaller Call UI and Siri UI.
Always on display.
Redesigned Apple Music with tighter grid.
Pin your favorite actions to the top in the new Settings app.
And now you can set your own default apps.

Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan.

#S3E1 #iOS14Concept

This video is a concept created for the purposes of visualising how iOS could be changed in a future update.

Music: Strending Kids by Ooyy

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  1. Hatem Robaiei says

    Wait a sec that's not a concept it's some jailbreak shit =/

  2. SuperAviation 001 says


  3. LandonTaylorPlayz says

    Email this to apple. This is awesome

  4. Ryce DJ says

    Is actually a thing. But only certain things

  5. Alex TGamer says

    Yep! iPhone, made by apple the liars!

  6. Tofunmi says

    I kind of like the way you know the future

  7. AkioOfThePast says

    You, my friend are incredible.

  8. PáriStath友達 says

    Apple actually listens 😀

  9. captainsammy says

    Is there a way of jailbreaking my iPhone and making this real

  10. MakiTheGamer says

    windows = MacOS
    Ios = Samsung Pie

  11. Snowtiger says

    It would be so cool if the apps looked like that

  12. Chris White says

    What music is this

  13. 1UP DUDE says

    Nice but the public beta is released already, But your stuff is better

  14. Jack Hannon says

    The video has me feeling a bit jailbroken

  15. Gab3 says

    only if

  16. Tuna Gamer says

    Sıla Uzun? Türkmüsün reis

  17. Nadia Slama says

    someone should rly hire this guy for desing

  18. Phu Pham says

    0:35 and now its real

  19. Jake Mask5 says

    its real….

  20. Tech Master and more says

    There are brand new widgets though

  21. zuma 132 says


  22. horixon says

    THIS. Plus the current iOS 14.

  23. idiot idiot says

    iOS 14 is kinda the same.

  24. Julien Hips says

    Who is watching here when iOS 14 is already out

  25. Morris Cohen says

    i think you inspired apple……
    half of the things you said are true

  26. Coding With Navaneet says

    Beat Beat Beat 0:57

  27. Hasan Ergen says

    Yuck. Isn't real

  28. Onur Berkay Can says

    Avdan: New İcons, New System, New Programs…

    Apple: We Add A New Brandnew Wallpaper

  29. SkyDaz Central says

    First time I felt Apple beat Avdan.

  30. Umesh P says

    lol i think that the real ios 14 is out

  31. Arda Biçer says

    Önceden de izlemiştim şimdi IOS 14 tanıtılınca bir daha izledim fikirler aynı tasarım değişmiş çok güzel olmuş

  32. Sakey says

    It’s all fun and games until your watching this in 2020 and most of these things have become a reality

  33. Vu Thi Mo says

    Ios 14 by avdan is diffrent than ios 14 by Apple :/

  34. Koko Nalbandian says

    I want the emoji bar

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