iOS 14 Privacy Features DESTROY Android Completely!


Apple revealed the brand new iOS 14 update and while most of its new home screen changes, widgets and more are inspired by Android, it also brings privacy features that are next level and something Android truly lacks.

In this video, we take a look at the new iOS 14 privacy features and compare it to Android 11.

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  1. Beebom says

    If you liked what you saw, consider sharing it with the 'Android fanboys' for you know, a broader discussion aka debate aka bloodbath ?? ?

  2. suresh raju says

    My dream mobile

  3. CICADA 3301 says

    Ios ❤️

  4. M•Feminho says


  5. kingboss ugamaki says

    YouTube and Facebook need to look around for local networks for services like cromecast or airplay for apple tv. That is why it’s asking ur permission. Pubg doesn’t make sense but at least tell whole fact to the people

  6. InfamousKiller X says

    Everything seems to be good
    Why isn’t apple responding for app locks?

  7. Jeb! Bush says

    “Best privacy features,” yet uses chrome. Lmao so what’s the point then

  8. Sulekha Biswas says

    Android gonna add this


    Sir, is there in-built call recording feature available?

  10. What amazing on iOS 14 it’s new feature for iOS users heheheh very old on android .

  11. PaulTech says

    I See the title and think: hahah that's what Apple Fans want

  12. Kaif Patel says

    Apple's new privacy features on one side and poco's on the other's..
    From "imandar" to "iske gand me danda daal"!

  13. Sarang Bhaisare says

    MIUI has Already that app privacy feature before iOS 14

  14. Nani Tedlapu says

    Camera light location copy information

  15. Chirag Patel says

    The features he is taking about are already we r using in our budget phones with A10.?

  16. FH SHAKA YT says

    Ummm does it have inscreen fingerprint scanner??

  17. Abhishek Chavan says

    This is perfect.. I always used to stop storage access to such editing apps immediately after completing the task at hand.. these privacy features would give me peace of mind!

  18. Rachit Kumar says

    Ofc That's why Apple products are costly they put privacy first, Some people might remember the time when apple used to deny WhatsApp to start camera that went for like a week.
    Also Privacy is a myth in online world.
    But few is better than many organisations spying.

  19. Emran Spy says

    Custom rom Users ???

  20. Aashrith Venepally says

    2:03 i think that privacy feature of showing when camera or mic is on is present on oneplus phones @Beebom

  21. G-Force says

    This a great video and has content I have not seen on any other channel. Very informative, Thank you !

  22. It's RoseRug says

    IT Almost Heartattacked me cuz im android user

  23. Sonar Ravindra says

    How stupid the video description can be 🙂 and u have Destroy in capital too;…..

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