iOS 14 Public Beta is out! – How to install it


iOS 14 Public Beta 2 is now out to Public Beta testers. In this video I show you how to install the iOS 14 Public Beta on any supported iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro to show you how to do it. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

Apple Beta signup website:

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – Supported devices
00:26 – Backing up your iPhone
00:59 – How to downgrade to iOS 13
01:19 – How to install the profile
02:23 – Installing the iOS 14 update
03:17 – Using the Feedback app
04:09 – Conclusion
04:30 – Wallpaper
04:44 – Outro
05:04 – End
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  1. zollotech says

    Did you install iOS 14 Public Beta? iOS 14 Public Beta 2 is now out to all beta testers along with iPadOS Beta 2 and more. In this video I show you how to install iOS 14 Public Betas step-by-step. Thanks for watching!

  2. Erika Rueda says

    Downloading it right now !! I need to buy more storage though :/

  3. T King says

    Can you do this with a PC? I’m not able to do OTA updates

  4. Heriotz says

    It says preparing update yet nun happens

  5. Jake Mask5 says

    im downloading it

  6. Caroline A. says

    My iPhone 8plus is always hot since I installed beta 14. I think it’s not good for ur phone

  7. salsationkamiyoyo says

    thank you so much

  8. Zemina Nanavati says

    I think i am the only one… I have an iPhone 8 and my profile downloads automatically. It does not say anything in settings. Zollotech, please help me.

  9. lil donna says

    Dont do it!! You’re gonna regret it, it’s is going to take so much battery, then you have to have a computer to get it away, it took a whole day to get rid of it

  10. Rose Solomon says

    Can it ruin your phone cause I downloaded the ios 14 beta on safari and my phone has serious lag and bug!!

  11. Don says

    I’ve heard of a feature where you can tap the back of your phone for an accessibility shortcut.
    Is this supported on an iPhone 7?

  12. Mark Cooper says

    Have iOS 14 beta 1. Went to the website, downloaded and installed the profile but when I go to software update it says I have iOS 14 and am up to date.

  13. Lee Taeyong says

    The trial version will disappear when the original version is available?

  14. Vante_x says

    Help!! It tells me iOS device required to download when mine is an iphone so why can’t i download it?

  15. Odyssey Ghost says


  16. Abid Sheikh says


  17. Gone Cubing says

    The description is longer than some books…..

  18. True Yasir says

    I got this on my 6s and guess what happened it worked for 3 hours then it was stuck on the apple logo for 2 days until I fixed it?

  19. yzbeast says

    I can’t find the profile or update its not there. I’m on a newly boughten se2. When I download it off the website its only 8mb and downloads fast and asks where I want to open it. I put in my iphones files. After seeing it didn’t show up anywhere in settings. After an hour. Any fix?

  20. Angxle E. says

    what if i install it without backing up first

  21. Captain Harry says

    Is it worth getting

  22. Adis Pilakovic says

    question, do you know of a fix i am stuck with… the settings has a 1 on there like there is something to update i have been in settings and nothing is clearing the badge notify..

  23. Diego Gallegos says

    If I install this on my main phone, would I still receive and make phone calls, still text and use my data with my carrier? I’ve been looking through comments about this version is extremely buggy but I’ll probably download it when the release date is closer

  24. Madison Nasser says

    can i download this on IPad ?

  25. raki rana says

    what if i dont backup ?

  26. Gildred Rentas says

    Omg thank u my sister keeps on bragging about it

  27. Fro says

    Does this delete all of the apps on your phone?

  28. Hayley Wurster says

    should i download it i have the XR and all my friends are saying there phones have been working completely fine and i have watched reviews and everyone says it works

  29. Mikołaj says

    What if after installing profile and checking for updates I have information about update for 13.6, not Public beta 14? Should I install 13.6 first?

  30. Simon Buckley says

    Is there a chance it could brick your phone

  31. Ahsan Farid says

    If i install beta version of ios14 and when it comes officially out for public, will i get that update or do i have to remove the beta profile

  32. Emil Girleanu says

    I will wait until it comes out in September or October to download IOS 14

  33. Maria Carolyn Napili says

    how about iphone 6plus? it's not compatible?

  34. Maria Carolyn Napili says

    how about iphone 6plus? it's not compatible?

  35. Sophie G. says

    I can’t download the profile, it downloads but not like you show and it doesn’t show in the software updates

  36. Walking Dead Now says

    Nice video ♥♥♥! As a fellow YouTuber, I am on the lookout for creative ideas! Excellent Job!

  37. Tigerfan31200 says

    Tempted if I should install the beta even though I just got done installing iOS 13.6? I mean after all I was a developer beta tester for iOS 13 so I see why not? ??‍♂️

  38. Barrett _ says

    I only have google chrome any idea on how to install it there

  39. Muhammad Firdaus says

    Rather upgrade when the real thing comes out.. wouldnt risk downloading the beta version of IOS 14.

  40. Charlie Arel says

    I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I wanted to do it because I didn’t want it to mess up my phone but it works perfectly I have no bugs at all, my phone is not slow or heats up. I’m really glad I did this. On a 11 pro max just to tell

  41. Alex Mayer says

    I can’t seem to make the profile download link to show up. Installed it on my ipad with no issues but when i try the same on my iphone with the ios version the profile download thing is grayed out saying “an ios device is required to download. Using safari as i did on my ipad. Restarted 10 times, signed out and back in a few times with no luck. Any thoughts?

    My phone is iPhone 11 pro

  42. bayana chandu says

    Not update for iPhone ? 7 pls settings

  43. ThugPassion818 says

    when is the watch ios 7 coming out ?

  44. R.J.S Official Page says

    I’m not going lie IOS 14 Public Beta is buggy

  45. Jack Neal says

    How do you get it so that the weather app is huge?

  46. Dominick Marks says

    Mine just says preparing update and nothing’s happening please help

  47. Lizzbird says

    Dang it, I have an iPhone 6.

  48. オーディン says

    I’m just waiting till they release it.

  49. Nikola Nastic says

    You KING BRO???

  50. l Vrxiex l says

    Does it run ok? How do you remove it if needed?

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