iOS 14 – Release Date Confirmed + More LEAKED Features!


iOS 14 – NEW Features & Release Date Confirmed! | iOS 14 Beta 1 Release Date + New iMessage Features Leaked

iOS 14 is quickly approaching and today, Apple announced the official dates for WWDC 2020. On the first day of WWDC, Apple typically releases the first beta of the next major iOS release, which this year will be iOS 14.

In this video, we cover the release date for iOS 14 beta 1, some additional leaked features & changes, and more! Some of these features, especially the iMessage ones, are very interesting!

iPhone SE 2020 Giveaway (x2):

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iOS 14 – Massive Leaks! 25+ Confirmed Features:
Which iPhones will get iOS 14?:

iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone XR After 1 Week – NOT what I expected..:
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How I Maintain 100% iPhone Battery Health:

0:00 Intro
0:25 iPhone SE Giveaway Reminder
0:35 iOS 14 Beta 1 Release Date
2:49 2020 MacBook Pro Released
3:37 iOS 14 Leaked Features
6:56 “Clips” Feature
7:49 iPadOS 14 UI Changes
9:06 Conclusion
10:26 Outro

(WWDC press release)
(iMessage changes)
(Apple Patent)
(Clips feature)
(iPadOS 14 changes)

Are you excited for iOS 14? What are you looking forward to most?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Who's ready for iOS 14 Beta 1!?

  2. ღ hawii ღ says


  3. Venjeance says

    Bruh I’m looking at this n is June 28th rn??

  4. Randy Playsthegame says

    Is this gonna work for iPhone 8 Plus?

  5. Disam Gammer says

    Give me iPhone 11 Pro lol ?

  6. seppdpk says

    who is here after the ios 14 announcement

  7. Kirbu says

    The only thing I care for is a new jailbreak for iOS 14. I couldn't care less about features

  8. akhil vazhappully says

    Can I phone available for auto call record option

  9. Soliera says

    So as of now, the only new features are stolen straight from iOS jailbreak tweaks… Why not just jb and get those features now if you are running 13.5 or below?

  10. Ishan sehgal says

    i wish they will add call recorder in phone

  11. unknown person says

    they should add "search" in keyboard emoji to make it more easier

  12. Khaliyah says

    I would like them to add the ability to customise the accent colour to other colours besides blue like we can on a Mac.

  13. La Brava says

    All I want is a untether jailbreak ;-;

  14. Alonzo Jones says

    Hopefully they do new emojis and other thing’s

  15. Horace Henry says

    I hope they will add a scheduled text feature to iMessage ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  16. Reshi Ramroop says

    Hi can I get an iPhone 11 please

  17. Mike G says

    My biggest wish by far is the ability to change certain default apps like email, maps and productivity apps. BTW: Skype has had the ability to edit messages after sending for years now. Nice to see Apple finally coming around. ?

  18. 「Akkiirah」 says

    I just hope they will add folders to the gallery in IOS 14, it's the only thing i really miss switching from Android to IOS.
    Cus I had like 40k pictures on my android and im still not done sorting them cus iPhone put them all into one folder unsorted.. 🙁

  19. Mark Alvarez says

    Crazy that IOS 14 is already about to come out.
    iPhone SE Entry


    Color: Red

    Why: Rocking the iPhone SE (1st gen), was given as a gift in February before that was using a basic qwerty keyboard phone.

  20. Jovon Brooks says

    Can we get an equalizer we edite to your liking

  21. John Morgan says

    Tell me how to get the beta version of iOS

  22. gtrmusic69 says

    As usual, lots of meaningless crap with the Apple iOS updates.
    Apple needs to:
    1. redesign the notification center. It's ridiculous.
    2. add haptic feedback to the keyboard, and better yet, make it possible to customize different intensities to your heart's content.
    Those who are concerned with battery can just turn it off.
    3. make it possible to adjust volume for independent apps/settings and not this general thing they're doing, forcing you to do it while the thing is being played, such as separate volume control for keyboard volume, music volume, ring volume, system volume…hey…much like Android.
    4. add suggestions from the address book when you're dialing a phone number. Common now Apple.
    5. make it possible to customize the texting app in every conceivable way. Font size, bubble size shape color.
    6. make it possible to schedule a message to be sent at a certain time/date.
    7. make it possible to move the icons anywhere you want to.
    8. make it possible to stitch screen shots right there as you're taking them.
    9. Use an OS-wide clipboard.
    10. Give us an option to NOT go to the next email but back to inbox after deleting an email.

  23. Lisa Winstead says

    Is there dark mode on fb?

  24. Ernest Danials says

    I want multitasking feature on iphone so much!!!

  25. Zephyr Kai says

    Why is almost every device I see on youtube the battery is almost dead?

  26. Eric Rusconi says

    The big feature I’m hoping will happen is for the ipad which nobody seems to be talking about. It’s the pencil kit feature that would allow more features with the Apple Pencil. For example, handwriting recognition that converts handwriting to text.

  27. Kent Darryl Monilla says

    Did not help ?

  28. Trisha Hobbs says


  29. Jose Ortiz says

    I believe Clips its associated with Apple Glass because the early builds of Apple Glass are using Apple Generated QR Codes… and because all processing of Apple Glass Gen 1 will happen on iPhone then I believe Clips is meant to run an Experience on Glass instead of running the full app.

  30. sinster says

    When giveaway would happen

  31. TriniOfficial says

    Why do reviewers always drag the end of their words. It’s so jarring. Just speak normally.

  32. OA Delano says

    Still the same design ??‍♂️

  33. Everett Anton says

    Actually, you can delete messages on iMessage.

  34. cool sherry 2008 says

    im happy cause the iphone 7 is getting ios 14 and 15

  35. Jeanne Jacobs says

    Thank you for these reviews, they're helping people out a lot. Keep up the good work!

  36. JEVZ says

    Hopefully iPhone 6s gets iOS 14

  37. Louisville Tech says

    Wish me luck graduating tomorrow guys I'm getting a XS

  38. Prezli says

    They’re just making it easier & easier for people to have an affair/cheat on their SO?

  39. Alpha male says

    Haven't noticed any real difference from ios 12 to ios 13,They are literally just changing the numbers.

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