iOS 14 Security /Privacy Features You probably didn’t know about!


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In this video I talk about some of the latest improvements to security and privacy on the iPhone in iOS 14

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  1. Gary L says

    Over 100 pw said in a data breach really?

  2. Gary L says

    Yeah it should be off.
    Click “Learn more” and on 5th paragraph in the middle says “When you disable Allow Apps to Ask to Track, any apps that ask for permission will be blocked from asking and automatically be informed that you have requested not to be tracked.

    Notice automatically be informed that you have requested not to be tracked.

  3. Venci Nacario says

    I’ll take that recommendation to change my accounts password ASAP!

  4. Official says

    I hope apple can make a password for iCloud file.

  5. sorin dobrita says

    really? this things you told us abot 4-5 times before!

  6. Pedro Bu says

    If you don’t want to be track at all, you just have to turn it off, i don’t know why he is saying that it shouldn’t be turned off

  7. 3rd Eye says

    Hey man i believe igot scammed by imeiunlocksim on google tryina unlock this imei: 353971101222144 if you can icloud remove please

  8. Monica says

    Im unable to turn on allow apps to request to track. Help pls ?

  9. Ramon Leynes says

    iOS 14 battery saving tips pls!!

  10. JackGang 4lyfe says

    How do they review everything but the gaming features. Gaming is a big overhaul in iOS 14 yet act like they never knew??‍♂️?

  11. Terence Ng says

    After updated ios14, Chromecast not working anymore. Anyone encounter the same ?

  12. VISION says

    The allow apps to track u feature doesn’t work on my iPhone se

  13. Gaspar D'Armata says

    This video was really informative! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Jovany HS says

    Weather Widget?

  15. Spook26uk says

    What we need is Touch ID on hidden photos ?

  16. George White says

    It won’t let me turn on that tracking feature?

  17. HANG DARA says

    Love ❤️ you to help learn more

  18. HANG DARA says

    So good ?

  19. Brent says

    I love 3utools it is free no subscriptions or in app payments and works perfectly and you can jailbreak with it

  20. malibu says

    Thank you for sharing every update among ios 14 betas! i can bet there is a lot to work on a video like this to keep everyone updated! i really wait for the ios 14 to be released!

  21. Martin Sina says

    Your videos are interesting

  22. Andrej Stemmle says

    My device (8 Plus) is running with iOS 14 developer beta 3. There is the new Tracking/No Tracking option in Privacy, but UNFORTUNATELY it’s GREYED OUT, thus NOT WORKING.
    Please: Can someone tell me what’s wrong???

  23. Carter G says

    when i go to tracking, the option is just blurred out i cannot turn it on? any fix for this?

  24. Tech Now! says

    When I go to google the orange light go on. With out me useing the microphone.

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