iOS 14 Widgets, App Library, & Home Screen for iPhone & iPad!


We take a look at Widgets, Today View, App Library, and the revamped Home screens that are part of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for iPhone and iPad.

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  1. Clarkee says

    It won’t let me move the widgets no matter what. It’s really quite annoying.

  2. SlighceTUNES says

    Technically you can create your own App Library by putting all your folder apps way over to the right. App library is pointless and so are the widgets since you cant even interact with them on the Home Screen, they’re just blown up versions of apps.

  3. Anna Gaskin says

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  4. Nik Shafiq says

    Kinda sad that we cannot interact with the widgets…

  5. andy gavrila says

    Cool. Another diabetic

  6. Vincent Garcia says

    i removed snapchat from my home screen .. and i want to get it back on how do i do that ?

  7. Callum Aitchison says

    Do you have to use widgets?

  8. Guy Fieri says

    I downloaded the iOS 14 but I don’t have the widgets on my pages …

  9. FlamingoFan says

    Won’t let me put widgets on home screen?

  10. Šimåyę says

    At the recommendation suction I don't have more app when can I add more app there please ????? And I want to make my note app bigger in Home Screen but I can't do it when you showed your note app was bigger and u can just click add but it doesn't show mine I just update my phone today

  11. Luca Dorlini says

    So I really want to change my widgets I can take them off but I can’t put them on anybody.. help??

  12. Van Torrevillas says

    I downloaded iOS14 beta. From 32gb used, my storage has been consumed and it’s now 61gb of 64gb. Is this just a bug??? PLEASE ANSWER ME.

  13. El Fazo says

    I have a 11 pro how do I do the widgets

  14. Hershey Sanchez says

    I still don’t understand how to get them tho cause I got the new update but everything still looks like it used to

  15. iinferiorFN says

    How do i remove an app from home screen without deleting it?????

  16. Desmond Walker says

    I use voice over on my iPhone and when I go to App Library and exit the App Library I am unable to go to my Home Scree. What do u think I need to do?n

  17. Sarah M says

    good lord you have a lot of apps. do you actually use the majority of them or are they just because you do these videos?

  18. crazyguy2179 says

    I removed the widgets and can’t find them

  19. Munro McLaren says

    I installed the public beta version on my iPhone 7 and the widgets that are available are not that many. Like I don’t have music, or clock, and I can’t add widgets to the smart stack.

  20. Weems62 says

    Can you disable all your home screen pages? and just have the app library?

  21. DaCrazy Grape says

    100th comment btw

  22. Kels says

    I don’t have the update yet ??

  23. Tyala Mayu says

    it upsets me that you still can’t do picture in picture on yt?

  24. Sean Thomas says

    Oh man. I was looking forward to home screen widgets and app library on the iPad.

  25. Blade Trizy says

    I accidentally deleted my widgets. I can’t find them

  26. gerry neil says

    slow down you speak like a gatlin gun firing , not all yougsters on here

  27. Sora Cheng says

    How do I’d edit the photo on my widget cuz it only lets me add my featured photos

  28. Ploy Morgan says

    I’m still on iOS 13.5.1

  29. BH Leoo says

    I got the update

  30. Fresh Animation says

    Does anyone know how to change the photo that shows on the widget

  31. zoeytoopretty VLOGS says

    i need help , i accidentally deleted my wignet and idk how to get it back

  32. Ne Ne says

    I want just the library on my home screen . How to I hide my apps without deleting them ?

  33. Noah Finley says

    Is the app library coming to iPad OS 14? I have the beta but I don’t see it. I don’t know if it’s coming soon, or not coming at all.

  34. Bryson Stanczyk says

    how do you get ur youtube video to play while in a different app

  35. Hecker men says

    Android users have had this for years lol

  36. Clout Turtle says

    Is it possible to change photos on the photo widget and if yes how do I change the photo?

  37. Michael Filosa says

    I have the brand new update and this helped me so much and it is the best

  38. Alexis Hartman says


  39. Hasaan Ismail says

    Not in iphone 7 plus

  40. Alan Romero says

    Is it just me or does this man have so many apps

  41. John Nick says

    How do I edit which widgets I want on the home screen it doesn’t give me a “edit” at the bottom

  42. Yxung Jayy says

    I have that same Dexcom widget

  43. Nima Ghasemi says

    Is it worth to upgrade right now or are you experiencing bugs with it?

  44. Tim Presley says

    I can’t do this yet…?

  45. Son Goku says

    Can you minimize the widgets to the regular app size? I don’t mess w em

  46. zebonaut smith says

    still missing a good digital clock widget, and Apple should make a mini widget that is only 2 app icons wide

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