iOS To Android | Why I Made the Switch


Being the owner of a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, switching from an iOS to Android smartphone may seem silly. I’m currently using an Android device, the Samsung Galaxy s9, as my smartphone of choice. So the question is, why did I switch from IOS to Android for my smartphone needs? In this video, I’m going to cover the factors that lead to this decision.



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  1. Thao Huynh says

    Are you rocking an iOS or Android device? What meaningful factors led you to choose one over the other? Share your story!

  2. smallpicture says

    I think that Apple heard you. The iPhone SE (2020) is proof of that in my humble opinion.

  3. mega 2 says

    I use android cuzzzz rom and root

  4. Adam Parrish says

    I'm just an adroid guy binging these ios to android videos to convince myself not to switch from android to ios.

  5. Ritik Verma says

    Android phones had to explode for apple enthusiasts to notice them. Speaks volumes about how apple users care about competitors

  6. Hector Vargas says

    Excellent analysis…I concur.

  7. Akshay Uppala says

    iPhones are not a price conscious option in India. They are so much expensive than android.

  8. Aaron Adams says

    Wicked title splash, should use that! iPhone 4 was my last one. Solid builds, but so restrictive, and lagging technologically. Android 5evah!


    I am watching this on my Pixel 4 XL.

  10. Alaa Sweidan says

    Objective review, great channel

  11. Pinayah rehman says

    i have an android

  12. Pinayah rehman says

    apple is not even comparable to samsung it is sooooooo much better

  13. Sam Coldiron says

    me looking st all these comments knowing that the 11 just came out and half of these are on apple now ?

  14. Iamjustin says

    Actually the Toshiba g900 & g500 were the first device to use a fingerprint sensor

  15. Hani says

    I started using android in 2012 I loved it
    I got the S2, S6, S7, S7 Edge and S8 plus and later the S10+. I loved it. HOWEVER, the new S20 series arrived and I was really looking forward and bought the S20 Ultra..the phone looked amazing but the day I used it it overheated and turned itself suddenly off and I was really annoyed and disappointed so I said well let's use it a couple days and if the problem is not solved until then I will send it to samsung to see whats wrong with the phone.

    Then corona started and I could not send it and I was left with this expensive phone which overheated without any reason and turned itself off all the time..

    2 weeks later I started to see some ads on the Iphone 11 Pro Max I really liked the green one and bought one online for around 1000€ it was a good one with 256 GB..It was hard to get used to it but it was very smooth fast great camera and stlyle but I feld kinda trapped – I was so used to do anything with my phone like edit and move apps etc but with the iphone I could not even download music without problems – I always had to log in to do stuff and constant messages for icloud really annoyed me..Finally corona restrictions were over and I sent the S20 ultra to samsung and they said that there is nothing wrong and I should use it without the sd card and I worked wonders –

    I sold my Iphone 11 pro max and started to use my S20 ultra..I am so glad that I bought this one it is AMAZING.

    Don't get me wrong the Iphone is great too but I felt so limited and kinda trapped inside it

  16. Joe says

    I'm an android user and I wanna try out iPhone. I know the reasons why it sucks but I wanna try it.

  17. * me watching this on a 5s *

  18. Whateva Isayitiz says

    Using iPhone but been craving androids freedom for months

  19. Muhammed Maseehu says

    Android Is The Best ❤️?
    Even Iphones Uses Android Company Phones Displays ??

  20. Classic Trials Channel says

    I have never owned anything Apple and never will. it's overpriced

  21. Angelica Amora says

    Glad you got that out of your chest ?? You are so mood

  22. Mohamad Nizam says

    I'm here just to watching you. ?

  23. Brian Mountain says

    My story reflects yours. I had every iPhone up to and including the iPhone 7, like you something clicked. I felt I was being ripped off, designs weren't changing, all they spoke about was the bionic chips etc. I bought the Galaxy 8 and loved the freedom that android gave me. I was Apple through and through, had everything Apple, now I have all Galaxy, S20 ultra,tablet and watch and no going back to Apple for me

  24. Ben Shields says

    My last iPhone was the 6, I then sold it and bought a note 4 as it was the latest we could get in the UK, and now I've had 5 android phones ??

  25. abadiqaisy123 says

    Welcome to the open world guys and girls. The moment have come… finally we were able to convince you that android is better and it has alot of features.

  26. Byteable says

    Well for me I don’t need to switch. I keep all my personal stuff on iPhone and work stuff on my pixel. I’m looking forward on getting a new Samsung or Oneplus device just to change things up.

  27. Chilloutloungeme2 says

    Changed from iphone 7plus to note 10plus !! And hell yeaaa never get bored from android

  28. Hasib KHan says

    Galaxy s10e best❤️

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