iPad Pro — What’s a computer — Apple


With iPad Pro + iOS 11, a post-PC world may be closer than you think.

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  1. Alco 251B says

    That smug fuck

  2. mopho says

    yours for 1000 euros + 150 for the pen

  3. Cain Atkinson says

    Really really good ad, terrible punchline

  4. Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit says

    Guess its warcrime time again

  5. Alexandr Garlock says

    Kid be living the life lol

  6. Damian Estey says

    Well, we have a variety of computers Apple, conventional computers… Photonic computers… Quantum computers… Then we just have Apple.

  7. GAMING Dinosaur says

    Dude I use my iPad 7 for everything since I got it I don’t even use a computer bc my brother is always on it and I’m writing this comment on ipad

  8. Bryce Armstrong says

    0:31 Is she really that short on time that she can"t wait a couple minutes to do her work and she has to do it on the glass

  9. king eevee says

    Im glad im not the only one who found the "whats a computer" part cringy like a computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data so technically a ipad is a computer so she is on one which makes it even worst

  10. Empty says

    What’s a computer when you have an ipad

  11. Mario Iacolucci says

    She says what’s a computer she knows what is it’s just a commercial

  12. DestinedFilms says

    Love the product, the end of the ad however is still the most annoyingly pretentious thing I've ever seen

  13. Supreme Oreo says


  14. 许王振Benediktus Daniswara says

    Her family must be really really broke so she doesn’t know about computer, and she got that iPad from YouTube giveaway

  15. Arttective says

    Console users: What's a pc?

  16. Trapped In Dreams says

    So this literally shows us how apple makes kids know nothing about technologies.

  17. Fallout legacy 67 says

    Lol what’s a computer? Eh eh

  18. Anime Sen says

    A computer is what is f..king better than a f..king ipad

  19. andrew342003 says

    Yet the ad was likely made on a computer…

  20. Red Kinsley says

    Little Girl: What's a computer?
    Me: The company you're using makes them, dumbass.

  21. B x n n y y says

    Me: has this
    Also me: still watches

  22. Sohan Reddy says

    I love how now it CAN be a computer lol.

  23. S1ay says

    is that kwebbelkop?

  24. Emerald says

    Apple: What's a computer?
    Apple: Makes a Mac

  25. Anurag Dighe says

    Ah this ad. I remembered it today, had to find it, and slap the writer of the line “what’s a computer”

  26. BenAl Kozan says

    Even Apple doesn't know that basically most of their products are computers.

  27. DirtyDan says

    haha funi

  28. Boitastic says

    1960: whats a computer?
    2020: whats a computer?

  29. Andrei67x says

    The ad is great and well…it put a lot of light on apple because people got mad at the ad.

  30. 2020 sucks says


  31. Seven Castle says

    Computers matter

  32. Jesus Hernandez says

    Instead of saying "What's a computer" she should have said "What computer." Since it's an iPad

  33. Eric Tulloch says

    I actually like this ad no lie

  34. Jacob Frank says

    Kinda wonder what it would’ve been like if that last interaction kept going, what that conversation would’ve been lol

  35. Apophis says

    She really do be the kind of person to get offended for another minority group

  36. matthew duree says

    Such a poor decision by Apple. This ad showed up the iSheep for the brainless, too-much-money hipster idjuts that they are. Fail.

  37. Vítor António says

    Mom: What you doing on your computer?
    Girl: What's a computer?
    Mom: Oh honey I'm sorry, I meant what you doing on your shitty Android Tablet machine thing. I can't believe I raised my daughter this way and she is turning a fcking hipster.

  38. Krish Pau says

    iPad Pro is a computer now (2018 or 2020 versions)

  39. Coreforce 216 says

    whats a computer?

  40. blobydude420 productions says

    personally the ad is fine its just that "what's a computer?" line that destroys it

  41. John Appleseed says

    I know this ad is annoyingly to all the boomers and even young people nowadays but don’t take it out of the girl she is just an actor who has been told what to say by directors

  42. Some Weeb says

    “Yeah, that thing I’m spraying with the hose, that’s a computer”

  43. Maddox021 - Comedy and More says

    A thing i play on every day

  44. Dwight Chatman says

    Who wears helmets

  45. King TJ says

    1960: in the future we will have flying cars!
    2017: wHaTs A cOmPutEr

  46. Radi0he4d1 says

    "What are you doing on your Turing machine?" "What Turing machine?"

  47. Brendan Matelan says

    Why does this kid look like she came from the universe of Stranger Things? And asking what's a computer?

  48. zach zuckerberg says

    A computer is a machine that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming. Modern computers have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs. These programs enable computers to perform an extremely wide range of tasks.

  49. Evan N. says

    wHaT's A cOmPUTeR?
    People might agree that iPad is a "computer" but power users don't agree. This ad makes sense for people wanting to do light work but Virtualization and apps like DaVinci Resolve (a video editor) aren't on the iPad.
    So instead of wHaT's A cOmPUTeR?, What's a GOOD computer replacement?
    EDIT – The point of this comment is to ask WHY? Apple would want to advertise the iPad as a "computer" before the introduction of iPadOS and pro apps.

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