Is a Calorie a Calorie? Processed Food, Experiment Gone Wrong


The Modern American Table: Is a Calorie a Calorie?

We’ve all heard the dictate that a calorie is a calorie regardless of its source. But are all foods truly created equal in terms of how they affect our health and weight?

Given the barrage of competing information directed at us every day, what do we really know about healthy eating?

Robert Lustig, MD, is Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at University of California, San Francisco, and the author of Fat Chance: Beating the Odds against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease.

Christopher Gardner, PhD, Professor (Research) of Medicine is a nutrition researcher at the Stanford Prevention Research Center whose research has been investigating the potential health benefits of various dietary components or food patterns, explored in the context of randomized controlled trials in free-living adult populations

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  1. A Murphy says

    The issue of sodium is related to the sodium potassium balance in the body which should be K:Na 5:1.But most Americans have a balance of K:Na 1:2.Unprocessed salts like Himalayan salt are very different from highly refined table salt.Again all salts are not equal. I agree though that salts are added to many processed foods and consumption is in excess or equally inadequate potassium is a problem. I include an article from Dr. Mercola and the studies on Russian cosmonauts regarding salt intake.

  2. a gravante says

    Refined sugar is poison to your cells but the sugar in raw ripe fruit is great for your cells.

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  4. TST1998 says

    You have no idea about German wines!

  5. Dana Smith says

    Great lesson 7:15 the ten conglomerates ?

  6. xt hydra says

    good example of a bunch of pencils pushers relying on meta data instead of asking questions.

  7. Paugh Eric says

    They been killing us all along wtf

  8. Paugh Eric says

    Needs to do a scientific review on the Government, the entire healthcare system and welfare too

  9. Madeline Michael says

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  10. tersse b says

    we need to run our food down, stop being a fatty, get out there and run your ass of for 40 years,, let them billionaires die of fat and sugar and shit, oh wait, no billionaires, sitting on their ass, die of an infected toe, or an impacted tooth, but this guy will say, its all your fault, you chose to eat what your government said was safe, its not your health choices that matter, its the choices you are left to make, and that's why your sick, you were never given a good choice,, your were made to choose, what can i afford, not whats good for me.fuck this guy, he knows nothing.

  11. saxophoney says

    Ha!!! Listen to the Q&A part and in the end, they are all Communists! Hilarious! They stuff their pockets with grant money, then beg for more. Should have left the politics out of it because now you revealed the real agenda and undercut the truth of the evils of sugar.

  12. Ken says

    I wish he sad Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam the Red Light gave Amsterdam a bad image.

  13. Marcus says

    My children can be a nightmare to cook for. I look forward to watching thank you.

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  16. IfingerblastGranny's says

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  17. Dominique Z says

    To all the people who disliked this video
    I'm just curious why?

  18. Ashley Gotschall says

    Great lecture!

  19. Ashley Gotschall says

    salt is not the same as sea salt. In my opinion. Wish he would have extrapolated on that.

  20. School says

    Unbelievable how these people think they are so right. First, there are researchers such as Ray Peat who don't' exactly agree. Does Ray Peat agree that processed food should be avoided? ABSOLUTELY! But, not for the reasons expressed here. These people want to place a soda tax on people and yet they don't realize they could be wrong. I use Mexican Coke (real sugar) strategically. The sugar is healing. People have used sugar to heal wounds! Please look up Ray Peat

  21. Aimee Wilson says

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  23. StoneFoot 2019 says

    Somebody or something has
    been destroying our culture, country, and gut. All this crap they call food has made the patent holders rich, so has PLASTIC! Whoever brought the high tech traded it for permission to destroyed us!

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  26. Makedon says

    BULL CRAP!!! Should be ashamed! $$$

  27. 6Diego1Diego9 says

    I want that Texas Big Gulp…

  28. Hana says


  29. party38 says

    Real American patriot this man!!!!!
    Not some parasites that sell out for money . We have to go out to the street and let them know in peaceful manner that this isn’t working for society

  30. Markus Puschert says

    11:16 ^^

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  32. Irina Sharapova says

    Surprised that the doctor doesn't know that dairy should not be eaten with fruit. It causes brewing process in the gut and results in cramps and flatulence. Dairy is not healthy anyway but if you eat it definitely do not mix it with carbs.
    Otherwise, great information and well explained.

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