Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?


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Organic food is a huge trend: it promises a healthier and better life. But can Organic food really live up to the expectations or is it just baloney?


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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says
  2. Jemima Offei Agyepong says

    Organic yes inorganic no

  3. lolipedofin says

    I'm right now dabbling in farming industry myself, and I genuinely have a question… from production side, if you put priority on your bottom line, but still tries to achieve sustainability… is it better to go with conventional modern agriculture, or to create organic farm?

  4. CreenelMC says


  5. GOOGLE USER says

    nah, they are high priced trash

  6. Jvitor Mendes says

    I love the channel but as a environmental engineer student, i see a lot of points thst were missed our mistskenly put that makes it kinds of a troublemaker for the cause of socially just and healthy food producing anf environmental conservation

  7. Ananya B says

    Yeah, Karen.

  8. Russell Webb says

    Conventional food is what ultimately damages our soil, you can't get the same land back we only have 1 earth, if you want and endless sum of disease and fall for corporations and their massive sum of lies keep eating conventional the foods often and partially hoax and is quite sprayed, you don't grow watermelons 3x the size lol or shinny ass apples that bad, you need to eat real food to stay real or get sick.

  9. Wessam fe says

    Eating non organic might be like a glass of wine every 3 months for the adult, but not for their affected gene mutations that they’ll pass on to their offspring ?

  10. Myjoke Nofunny says

    My mom: NOOOO! You can’t say that organic food is bad!

    Kurzgesagt: ha ha video on YouTube gets uploaded

  11. Random Things says

    In any case money moves most of the world so the most profitable one will be supported with lies as the Devine food

  12. Thecarboi GT-R says

    Soon it will be illegal to downlaod food.

  13. Thecarboi GT-R says

    Organic is different from local. Local is better because: A. The pollen is the same. B. Its not polluting as much.

  14. Ethica Planet Foods says

    You mentioned the Environment but just concentrated on the Human benefits, not the benefits of co-existing with Nature.. obviously a documentary scripted by people in White Coats, and that is being polite

  15. Trọng Nguyễn says

    Watching this video and drinking organic milk

  16. TheSec09 says

    One of the best videos I have seen on youtube. Congratiullations!

  17. Macattack1023 says

    Yeah I’m going to always choose the food without glyphosate.

  18. Nicolas LIENART says

    I can't believe that organic farms produce as much CO2 as conventional farms of the same size IMHO. I am currently doing a Wwoofing in South West France and they have very little infrastructure, and pretty much no vehicle is used. And there's so many things being recycled here, that's crazy!

  19. Xavier Toll Hernando says


  20. Erwan de Lapeyre de Bellaire says

    What about Permaculture and the exemple of Bec Hellouin farm?

  21. ayesha naseer says

    Can we just appreciate this animation style and the narrator's voice for a moment

  22. A humanist potato says

    Channel: has over a million subscribers
    Skillshare: "Helo"

  23. Van Nguyen says

    He for got bugs that I know is stink bugs are bad bug.

  24. shivansh gupta says

    But what about taste and flavor

  25. Médéric Ragon says

    Isn't conventional farming accelerating insect extinction way more than organic farming ?

  26. Video game adventures says

    Yeah, buying seasonal food is better, but the best is growing it yourself.

  27. Siddharth Ghantasala says

    But placebo effeeeeeeeeect!

  28. Balvinder Singh says

    I went in with a open mind but I knew it thanks again.

  29. Phyromaniac says

    I bet the dislikes are Soccer moms

  30. Dawson Richter says

    Great video! As a farmer in Canada id just like to add one thing, conventional farmers don't always spray pesticides. In fact we try and not use them because financially for us it is very very expensive and for the second reason is that we kill good bugs and bad bugs. So we only use it if it is 100% necessary. In the last 10 years on our farm we have use them 3 times on 3 160 acre fields. We farm 4000 acres every year so in the last 10 years we have farmed 40,000 acres and have used pesticides on 480 acres of that. That is just slightly over 1% of the time we actually use pesticides.

  31. BlackBull says

    Never seen more idiotic films

  32. A Person on Youtube says

    bruh food is food

  33. Quidy says

    Anyone else notice fin from adventure times grass sword??

  34. Avey Steele says

    Always thoroughly wash your fruit and vegies, there problem solved, now you dont have to pay extra money lol.

  35. Wolfe 115 says

    I love how they made the organic food happy and smile ? when the other bad and angry ? its part of the reason why I clicked on the video because the avocado was adorable looking?

  36. Edward Science Innovations says

    I did an experiment of my own, where I left half of an organic apple and half of a normal apple out for 1 month and tested which had the most mold using a petri dish, and surprisingly, the organic apple grew more mold.

  37. Anamika paul says

    Hey can you make me understand 'public health' like the way you do THIS??

  38. Adam H says

    I just came to hear the cool voice kurzgesagt man say “organic”

  39. Jeel Chaniyara says

    Thank you for the video. It was pretty cool! Just one doubt: Is organic better for soil quality and water table?

  40. Maximus Rapturous says

    It's disguisting that they're justifying the use of poison on food. Science my fucking arse

  41. Gabriel Godoi says

    So we have to trust big pesticide companies saying their product is not dangerous to us and trust the farmers don't use an abusive amount that is indeed dangerous. When i'm on a supermarket i can smell the poison on tomatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables, and i'd realy rather not eat that. I've started to grow them at home.

    To me this video is kinda absurd, the less poison you eat in your life the better;

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