It's a football game, but basically VR


It’s a football game, but in FIRST PERSON

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Today, we play retro ESPN NFL 2K5 ‘s game mode, which is basically like playing a football video game in VR – virtual reality. It’s ESPN NFL 2k5 retro first person mode.

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  1. RBT says

    i just ate a corn dog

  2. Mason Froebel says

    My name is Mason!????????

  3. Jakey Boi says

    I played that same madden

  4. TJBeast95 says

    Some people …. thinking im trash at real football so why dint i play this

  5. Colton says


  6. Larry Lease says

    i loved this game.

  7. 최효진 says


  8. Connor Rush says

    best football game

  9. ClownFrownYT Gaming says

    And may God add first person in NFL 2k

  10. ItShortyUteYT says

    Steve Mcnair!

  11. Brittany Taylor says

    Why does he say he's playing the game on the original Xbox yet it clearly says Sega which is not an Xbox

  12. Nikolas Piernas says

    Game starts at 7:00 since he just talks while video…

  13. Ghost’sStory says

    Wow ya cursed

  14. Richards chair says

    Your voice is so fucking annoying dude.

  15. Kathryn Cross says

    Do it again

  16. W A TTSY says

    Why are you so annoying

  17. Taco Stacks says

    This was the coolest feature ever

  18. Dank Frags says
  19. John Flynn Lydon says

    You have the most annoying fucking voice of all time.

  20. Weston Kenemore says


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