Ja Morant analysis | The Iverson-KJ hybrid


Ja Morant is is an electrifying, exciting rookie guard and likely the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2020. What makes him so special? Where does he rank as a playmaker and scorer today? This detailed film breakdown & scouting report of the Memphis Grizzlies rising star guard explores how he can improve and a reasonable ceiling for his future while incorporating analytics & stats to assess his overall impact.

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Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball, a Nylon Calculus contributor, creator of the Backpicks Top 40 series & host of the Thinking Basketball podcast.

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-Backpicks BPM is a proprietary model that focuses on player skill instead of situational value. It is box score only.
-PIPM is a hybrid model (box score and plus-minus) that “luck-adjusts” plus-minus data (regresses FT% and 3pt%) to account for noise and is more sensitive to a player’s role/fit on a given team. Created by @JacobEGoldstein
-RAPTOR is 538’s model that blends box score information, plus-minus data and player tracking data to estimate player impact.

Footage in this video is owned by the NBA and its partners. It is intended for critique and education.

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  1. Thinking Basketball says

    Fixed the notifications issue for the notification squad (for those who click the bell next to the "subscribe" button) — you should be receiving notifications again next video. YT had changed the upload process and they were unchecked for some reason.

    re: Zion. Unfortunately, I'm going to wait for more games from him as of now. I'm not entirely comfortable with a 19-game evaluation where he was rusty for the first handful of games. Might change based on how the Bubble Experiment plays out…

  2. VeritableVagabond says

    If dude doesn't learn how to land…


    DeAaron Fox/Russell Westbrook hybrid

  4. Taneli Laurinolli says


  5. TeeCo AKA Cocoa Mist says

    little dude is already embarassing the hell out of eeeeveryone

  6. Visons 26 says

    He’s very similar to a young Chris Paul.

  7. elvisprucelee says

    Sorry, what KJ are we talking about? Kevin Johnson? Barkley's pg back in the 90s? Or some current player?

  8. TheMrBig8 says

    Shoots 50% (49) from field as a rookie. Insane

  9. Michai Harris says

    Please do a D’angelo Russell video I think people underrate him a lot

  10. Freddy Fox 500 says

    He is out there testing everything off and hopefully learning from it. He is in a perfect situation for it as well. I'm hoping for the best as a casual oversea fan with no team to root for. He looks alot like me in my 1st season in 2k11. Was with Memphis too. Zbo, Gasol. Had a great lob play for Rudy Gay. Fun times all around.

  11. Ibn Mahamud Ugas says

    He’s so good

  12. Harps W says

    This man will be a great point guard for at least a decade to come.

  13. Catfactory says

    My worry is that he's so athletic that his game won't adapt to either an injury or a great defensive scheme like the Raptors' or Bucks'. Some players can come back from injuries, others don't adapt and play for years as shadows of their previous selves. Elite defences too will build around him and neutralise the threat unless he gets a killer three point shot. The net result seems like he'll struggle to go far in the playoffs on many teams.

  14. Designerspen says

    Love watching the evolution of the game brougt in by people like Morant he is futuristic forsure with the properties he brings to the game .

  15. asu bngst says

    Please do zion

  16. Chase Cunningham says

    Lmao everytime I see him zoneing out I think he's getting that 2k leave assignment

  17. shreesha b says

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy sounds like nerdwriter??

  18. foxleap1081 says

    his ceiling is ACL tear

  19. EpilepticRabbit says

    Also saying he's 6'3 isn't small for a point guard lol

  20. EpilepticRabbit says

    Love how you use KJ as an abbreviation for Kevin Johnson like people watching the video know who he is

  21. Gio says

    Ja is gonna do to Devin Booker what Steph did to cp3

  22. Daniel Nguyen says

    He's acrobatic definitely, reminds me of pre-injury Derrick Rose without the crazy turbo engine. How can someone train to play like this and avoid injury at the same time? Many thanks.

  23. Rochus Ochus says

    Who is KJ?

  24. Lord Bangout McQueen-Arenas says

    Need one on Trae

  25. Lord Bangout McQueen-Arenas says

    Penny hardaway minus 4 inches

  26. Chum Calm Down says

    He reminds me of D Rose sometimes

  27. Edward Gonzales says

    I think the only thing which might hold him back from achieving his full potential is injury given that he throws himself around the court like he does.

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