Jailbreak Racing League is featuring a brand new track! It’s called, “Old Half Circuit,” and features a route that has no railroad crossings. Roblox Jailbreak had a recent update featuring a new Lamborghini SUV and that’ll be used as the vehicle for the race today.

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  1. DamiensGamezy says

    Hey chris theres a new update a new flying car its called blade i think it was $1m

  2. James Loveridge says

    Can you please play dragon ball z final stand

  3. Vatthanak Ayutthyea says

    New car in Roblox jailbreak

  4. Mark Lang says

    this is cool chris

  5. Mark Lang says


  6. Piggy plays Roblox says

    Omg I love your intro!! Also great video! The most craziest race might be the one with Blood!

  7. Alfian Okanvarisma Ginta says

    Chris can you pls play madcity again?? theres soo much update that you miss plllssss???

  8. Andrew Mcduffee says

    Your were in dr disrespects last stream ?

  9. Ann-Marie Carey says

    Chris. I think Jailbreakwill be updatedwith New car tomorrow

  10. Luke Brentlinger says

    I Love racing league

  11. Luis Gamer says

    It will be LEGENDARY

  12. Luis Gamer says

    I would lobe for u to 1v1 me in Jailbreak

  13. terell adams says

    i want to be just like chris

  14. Roblox players fang says

    Do u still play Greenville if u do play with me let’s be cops join my game my roblox name is didi202220

  15. 101dbzgaming says

    Bugatti Chiron or Tesla Roadster 2020

  16. CJL Playz says


  17. Emily Obeng says

    It's my birthday

  18. Emily Obeng says

    #vote racer 1

  19. Colby Farrell says

    You guys should should join a group called la Airways then go to the airport and either you can go to training or just by a task to become the captain and then you can just fly planes become ground crew Drive ground crew vehicles.

  20. Jayden-Ern Dzanya says

    And code to get in

  21. Jayden-Ern Dzanya says

    Do lambo league

  22. Lyuyi Wu says

    Hi chrisandthemik I watch your video and Ashley video

  23. T.L.T Officail says

    i like buggati chiron. i thing buggati the best speed 😀

  24. IDK Playz says

    I wish i can make it but my timezone is different and when its morning in your country its night in mine i love your vids and i wish i can make it to your streams

  25. Andrew Cassamajor says


  26. Andrew Cassamajor says


  27. Andrew Cassamajor says

    Christian Christian Christian Christian Christian Christian Christian in the mic

  28. Andrew Cassamajor says

    Christina Milian have a Bugatti and Christy and hobby

  29. Andrew Cassamajor says

    Christian Christian Christian

  30. Andrew Cassamajor says

    Christian is the best because he buy all the cars

  31. Andrew Cassamajor says

    DANIELNYAH Christian is the best

  32. Andrew Cassamajor says


  33. Aysha Jahan says

    What is the song name

  34. Santo S says

    Hi christ i love your vids i sub and liked for over 2 years.if i get a shoutout it will make my dream come true 🙂

  35. Nadejda Colin says


  36. Dragcats says


  37. THEZGAMER 99 says

    Tidy is my friend lol

  38. Jake _wolfy says

    Which one is better roblox or Fortnite let me know

  39. Jake _wolfy says

    My favourite racer is lost lilly?

  40. C_Hse says

    Ugh why am I always late, chris should tell when he's making a new tournament!

  41. Mary Ago says

    Hey chris

  42. Mary Ago says

    What up catm

  43. Mary Ago says


  44. Gaming with Tony says


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