Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer (feat. Brian Wilson)


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    i love

  2. Tim Breen says

    Might be the worst piece of drivel I have had the misfortune to hear.

  3. coco brown says

    Happy 2 year anniversary to this album

  4. IsThat SaraS says


  5. Cara says

    My new fav song! <3

  6. Christian Rysi says

    Who is listening in 2020 in quarantine this amazin chill song from this Queen too ❤

  7. Lisa Short says

    The ppl who disliked this ain't got no taste

  8. Diva Cookn says

    How I feel

  9. JamesBearVR says

    I wish this was in the Emotion Picture 🙁 not the soundtrack version that still sounds cool but this adds some context and sounds awesome!! Janelle is a true inspiration.

  10. macdabluepanther says

    Janelle Monae' dope af!

  11. 91Realest says

    Should've definitely been LONGER! This was so damn Good I ???? because it wasn't another 49 seconds longer ????????????????

  12. Mary Ong says

    She's giving me David Bowie (Dirty Computer), Stevie Wonder – Living For The City (Take A Byte), and Prince (Make Me Feel) vibe in these songs in this album. I like it.

  13. Abraham Gallegos says

    A Computer that sends text messages?

  14. ZI SA says

    When You're Flirting With A Nerd…

  15. reedykat30 says

    Monae's lyrics 'If you look closer, you'll recognize
    I'm not that special.
    I'm broke inside" reminds me of Brian's lyrics."I'm a leaf on windy day. Pretty soon, I'll be blown away. How long will the wind blow." Also, his classic, ' I just wasn't made for this time." I love when true Artists collaborate.

  16. SaiExee says

    God Buzzfeed how is this good….

  17. BozackJenkins says

    Those background vocals though. Sheesh.

  18. Caspar Kok says

    0:25 still get an eargasm everytime

  19. E Vercetti says


  20. Cameron Child says

    thanks charli

  21. Matthew Desravines says

    I danced to this for my job final showcase and it was amazing love this song

  22. bits bobs and vlogs says

    janelle you rock see you this year in england

  23. Dimi Reis says

    que voz linda

  24. Jessie Guess says

    This song always manages to take the day away, no matter how bad its been.

  25. Eliothebeast says

    Thanks Spotify.

  26. Kevin McCormick says


  27. Clare Anonymous says

    The Beach Boy, Brian Wilson…omg this song warms my heart ❤️ …genius collabo.

  28. Sunshine Daydream says


  29. Gill Monty says

    Not good song sorry

  30. Anthony De Ausen says

    ?????????????????????????????????whats wrong with a dirty computer? what this a sesame?? its actually a booger!!!!11

  31. Anderson Wang says

    Holy shit………. nice intro

  32. Julian Alvarado says

    A.R.T pure bitches????????

  33. Tori M says

    This song is a complete vibe, like OMG her vocals are on point, the beat on point, this whole album honestly was on point!

  34. Robbin Hatchett says

    And this album didn't get a Grammy because of what exactly?

  35. EW Moon says

    Came here for solace and safe weirdness after the 2019 Grammys…..when will they all see?

  36. Schmaltzy the Golem says

    These lyrics kick ass.

  37. BLAIR M Schirmer says


  38. nia says

    I wish this was longer ????

  39. Tony Bates says

    See, this is one of the things that separates Janelle Monae from the usual "R&B" dreck – she not only knows who Brian Wilson is but actually works with the man. Her intelligence and eccentricity is another.

  40. Aleistermax Omeg says

    The genius of today (Monae) meet genius of yesterday (Wilson)…

  41. Hopeless Nostalgic says

    Dirty computer, walk in line
    If you look closer you'll recognize
    I'm not that special
    I'm broke inside
    Crashing slowly, the bugs are in me
    Dirty computer, breaking down
    Picking my face up off the ground
    I'll love you in this space in time
    'Cause baby all I'll ever be
    Is your dirty computer
    Dirty computer
    Searching for someone to fix my drive
    Text message, God up in the sky
    Oh, if you love me, won't you please reply?
    Oh, can't you see that it's only me, your dirty computer?
    Dirty computer
    Your dirty computer
    Dirty computer
    I'll love you in this space and time
    I'll love you in this space and time

  42. dan and phil rats says

    here because dan howell recommended

  43. Jerome Cantong says


  44. Vitoria Gomes says

    to fazendo streming no Spotify pra garantir teu almoço amor????????✊????

  45. Xtrax 007 says

    Good job of Brian Wilson⁉

  46. Chez Blunts says

    Only Brian Wilson can get a feature credit without actually singing anything.

  47. Kevin says

    This fixed my computer

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