Jimmy Butler Opens Up About Nearly Quitting Basketball | Take It There S1E1 (Premiere)


Diva? Bully? Toxic? Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler sets the record straight on his past behavior and opens up on why he almost quit playing basketball in college while playing a game of spades on the premiere of “Take It There with Taylor Rooks.”

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  1. D C says

    pay up buddy its been 3 yrs. or just donate to to my "charity" 🤣🤔🤔

  2. Jump Funny says

    She's dope.

  3. chucky23 says

    Taylor: your a fuck guyJimmy: yeeeaaahh Jimmy's boys: 👀👀👀

  4. mike d says

    wow props to jimmy butler he's the only one who didn't thirst over taylor rooks

  5. The black kid from Norway says

    Take It There got me here.

  6. Devon Rooks says

    Do your thing cuz!

  7. Harrison MacLean says

    Whoops, keep thinking these are blacked raw

  8. hola dame says

    She was feeling Jimmy

  9. Matthew Ingram says

    Taylor is bae🥺

  10. Mo Hussein says

    Taylor looking like a 3 course meal god damnn😍

  11. Sid Michael says

    What was the reason he almost quit?

  12. Live Love Life says

    2:36 😂😂😂

  13. WHAT'SNEW says

    Dang sis you should do all the interviews. Definitely snack time!

  14. miopera40 says

    This kid took Miami to a new dimension, without playing hero ball. For his age he is such a mature team oriented player, real gem in today's game

  15. balikati says

    Yea I bet she really wanted to know how much a fuckguy Jimmy really was

  16. Lebron James says

    Now for me

  17. Amber Renee says

    Rooks is so inspiring. I’m still in school trying to finish my program. I always come back to videos of Jemele Hill and Taylor Rooks whenever I feel overwhelmed and uninspired because this school stuff is mad hard. I love sports—particularly basketball and futbol-and I want to be successful in my career path someday.

  18. Adaeze says

    Taylor is phenomenal. This interview was amazing. 👏🏾

  19. Shiny Hunter Brocklington says

    Gave this shitty video a thumbs down. Thanks.

  20. L. Ben Israel says

    Dang…she's beautiful. Thirsty? Yeah.

  21. Hashirama Senju says

    Nothing better than a GOOD YOUNG NUBIAN PRINCESS like her to chill with….

  22. Samuel Keay says

    this comment section makes me question my faith in humanity. the insight jimmy gave into his mind and all people care about is that "taylor rooks looking like a snack". cmon people

  23. Charles Houghton says

    I had a class with Taylor Rooks in middle school and I remember her being very smart and sweet. So glad to see her killing it!

  24. Alex Reed says

    I feel like Jimmy and Taylor wouldn't be a good a couple but they'd be perfect friends with benefits

  25. Jolley Clan says

    Jimmy butler is my favorite basketball player and I have a signed jersey from when he did a private workout in my hometown

  26. Jose Pena says

    Yo Jimmy a real one. Thats wassup, he just likes being himself whether or not people dislike him & his decisions. He even said he'd want more people to dislike him than to like him. Always be yourself, be different, & you'll stand out in the crowd more so than you'd think.💯💯💯

  27. asher smith says

    my mans jimmy buckets be getting traded to the heat, hell yeah!

  28. Charlie Ambrogi says

    He’s lame

  29. Caleb M. says

    Jimmy Butler does not need to get married ever

  30. roderrick stackens says

    at 4:25 i fell in love.

  31. roderrick stackens says

    She looks soooo good in that outfit

  32. Eli Dormio says

    Anyone know what kinda hoodie jimmy is wearing cause I’m tryna buy one of those

  33. Our fathers Grace says

    Just come out already. These Professional Athletes need just need to be honest and say their homosexual no1 cares its 2019 no need to hide your sin cuz we all sin! Just repent and God is the only 1 that can judge

  34. yunghazy says

    2 Walmarts and a Chick-Fil-a?? Downtown Houston not looking so good…

  35. Anthony bass says

    there for sure F ing

  36. Charlene Walker says

    awesome interview, and the way to shock a F. boi…is to out f. him…spades up, MAN down…bol…we love you Jim

  37. Jeremiah King says

    Jimmy Butler is just an awesome guy hes no different from when Kobe first entered the nba kobe was just enjoying himself. Jimmy is a fun and he seems like he hates nonsense from Blake and other players it doesnt make him a bad guy from speaking up

  38. samuel vallongo says

    Great interview, personally i think Jimmy would be perfect for Houston rockets be another wing man and scoring threat.

  39. Rum Ham says

    Nothing but thirsty ass niggas in the comments. Have u guys never seen a woman before?

  40. Otu Ihunanya says

    I’m with him on country music.

  41. B.Rocksta Harre says

    😂🤣 liked insight 👍 thanks for this interview deeper look 😎into💯knewbuckets Jimmy's bit card of all Texas Holden🎲🎰 like MJ Jordan 🏀

  42. lilmanjp says

    She really putting a lil too much sex on

  43. Mindful Attraction 2.0 says

    he kinda looks like jaime foxx

  44. Malcolm Merritt says

    That Howard Bison hat is too tough

  45. Alex Jones says

    2:37 really bro 😂😂😂🤣

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