King Of The Court Basketball In The HOOD!


Pulled up to the HOOD and went BUCKETS!

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    Watch the full video to see me shut it down!

  2. Jason S says

    "About positivity, spreading love" still the best Tjass vid…

  3. Raul Cortez says

    Trust your jump shot more t j.. sometimes you have ur defender beat and U DON'T PULL UP you end up doing another Cross over and try to take it the hole WITH A LOW PERCENTAGE.. if u dribble a little less and just shoot the jumper on the first or second move I guarantee you would have a higher percentage making buckets.. GOD BLESS BRO- AKA RAWDICULESS

  4. Steve Coffey says

    weakest "hood" basketball ever seen… could find 5 farmers in nebraska better than these guys

  5. Hood Music Officials says

    Come to bamaz we will show you out

  6. quigleyfox says

    Black folks exist

    YouTubers: I'm in the hooooooddddd!

  7. Xo Combos says

    Nyc got comp

  8. football Tv says
    Go watch ⚽️??

  9. football Tv says
  10. Mars King says

    We in the HOOD!!!!! Corny bro…

  11. Jerememe ster says

    This is called a hate crime lmaoooo

  12. Vive La Juventuz says

    Them boys can’t hoop , come to jerz

  13. mommatoldme says

    80/20 rule in full effect. 20% of the dudes get 80% of the buckets

  14. BautistaVids says

    I watch a lot ofy our vids. While I'm not seriously into basketball, I can carry my weight on a court for an older timer. With that said, I appreciate what you are doing with your channel as well as your individual accomplishments that bring us to the present. This was an especially nice video because I appreciated the humility you had for recording/airing all the other local players even while you waited in line for your turn in 'king of the court'. Thumbs up to you and your loved ones Tristan, because I'm sure that closest to you are at least partially responsible for the fine person you present yourself as.

  15. mark anderson says

    U should be in the nba

  16. Michael Daniels says

    They’re ALL below average competition.

  17. imortaljoe says


  18. NONI BAMBOO SAN says

    cashnasty in the back

  19. Biz Yaptık Oldu says we made a basketball hoop

  20. Biz Yaptık Oldu says we made a basketball hoop

  21. Ricardo Ivan says

    i see his trying those professor moves haha thats dope

  22. Mr. Bald says


  23. Nino Montalvo says

    Come here to southwest Houston TX alief T Jass

  24. Jacob W says

    hey tjass can you do that here in columbus ohio?

  25. Cesar Trillo says

    This is all I have to say is who the hell is TjASS… has he won any championships/ scholarship to any college's because of his skills??? NO!
    So why does this dude act like he's an accomplished NBA player or at least state champion mvp SOMETHING!
    But nothing other then being white and can dribble.

  26. The Outis says

    I didnt know Travis Scott could ball like that

  27. Cain says

    In the hood, in the hood every title has to be in the hood. Just because it’s slot of blacks around doesn’t make it the hood you racist piece of shit

  28. Zack Keszeg says

    Is that James fucking Harden at 10:0410:07 behind them

  29. Aldrin Colambo says

    That man with the gray hoodie, he's dope dude

  30. K WILL says

    Come to south Jamaica queens bro.

  31. Buddyimgoldn says

    Jass good in the hood ong

  32. 88GURP says

    Good games

  33. Jeffrey Fogel says

    TJ, you wearing the Reebok Question?

  34. Rich Smith says

    I searched "how bricks are made" and this video was the top search result. I was confused at first but after watching and liking the video I get it…

  35. Hasaan Sears says

    Let’s not act like we didn’t see Bre green in the background like if you did

  36. Al Cook says

    Aye Jass stop with “In the hood” captions lol

  37. bob says

    7:00 is this a foul for him to keep his hand out like this?

  38. bob says

    7:15 he travelled.

  39. CHU CHO says

    lol nigga came to ny

  40. Yusuf Gül says

    for the best and best quality basketball products, you should look here right away

  41. lalalblabla says

    isnt that king bach behind?

  42. Eli Blizzy says

    He should’ve kame uptown

  43. Karl Jones says

    Tjass dribbles so much that by the time he actually makes his move, you’re tired of guarding him

  44. Adam McMillan says

    Their energy from when it started compared to the end. INFLUENCE

  45. vic shyman says

    Is that cash nasty in the back?

  46. Tahir Ahmad says

    Tristan your good on basketball

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