Kraftwerk – Computer World / Home Computer


Kraftwerk – Minimum-Maximum

Label: Astralwerks
Catalog#: ASW 46057
Format: 2 x CD, English Version / 2 x DVD, English Version Box Set, Special Edition
Country: US
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic

2005 US Special Edition 4-disc set comprising 2-disc NTSC DVD set [remastered in PCM stereo & DTS 5.1 surround sound] capturing the full live set from their 2004-2005 World Tour plus BONUS 2-CD album set including 22 classic tracks recorded live throughout Europe, Japan & the US, presented in a lavish 12″ x 8″ sealed ‘Laptop’ style box complete with a deluxe 88-page hardback book featuring a host of live photos & much more….

Musik Data: Ralf Hütter / Florian Schneider / Fritz Hilpert / Henning Schmitz

Kling Klang Produkt 2005 – Ralf Hütter / Florian Schneider

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  1. Rob van Houten says

    Not only because the music

  2. Salustiano Bispo Cardoso Neto says

    E o verdadeiro mundo TRON odiceia.

  3. Salustiano Bispo Cardoso Neto says

    gosto para colocar como musica ambiente de feras de tecnologias !

  4. Fabrizio Pesavento says

    I migliori di sempre nel genere, spero di avere l'onore di vederli live il prima possibile 🙂

  5. uiop uiop says

    Nice computer world, nice

  6. Conway Twitty says

    Put these men into the Hall of Fame already along with Joy Division.

  7. Walter Bottarelli says

    They were ahead over 50 years

  8. peccatoribus64 says

    Ruhe in Frieden Florian Schneider

  9. Thank you, Florian. You will always be in my heart of your inspiration and tributes.

    I love Kraftwerk, You will never be forgotten to me, Florian.

    R.I.P Florian Schneider (7 April, 1947 – 6 May, 2020)

  10. Troubadour says

    Is there just one of these Autotune victims able to create a sound like this?
    Don´t think so.
    R.I.P. Florian

  11. Paul C Lalchungnunga says

    Lovely music – Sweet nostalgia !

  12. Gary Fletcher says

    CIA removing democratically elected governments–Chile 1970, Nicaragua 1979.


    bellissima e stupenda canzone complimenti carissimo amico buona giornata ciao da valerio il cantante

  14. Don L says

    7-22 One of greatest techno riffs ever. simple but brilliant. theres many more in their music, Kraftwerk left us nothing, Techno gods….

  15. Greg D says

    For anyone who thinks this was predicting anything, it wasn't, it's about contemporary society at the time, It came out the same time the CD was released, computer dating was main stream, many ppl had a computer at home, they had video gear, email was 10 years old at that time, IBM , Unisys, Data General, DEC, etc etc were all huge.. GPS was up, car phones were common, Communication Satellites en mass, SPace Lab was old, Voyager 1 and 2 space probes long on their way.. electronic music was common at this point, not on the mainstream radio but otherwise wide spread, all the "black" radio stations would play this.. etc etc etc. (this is not from a google search, bought Kraftwerk's Radioactivity Album when it came out and used it in my science fair etc).

  16. G Kho says


  17. Daniel King says

    Grew up in Detroit when these dudes hit the scene hopefully they make it to the rock and roll Hall of Fame…I was born in 72….1981 Numbers came out wow

  18. Fulvio S says

    Punk s not dead! ! !

  19. Bernhard Hörlezeder says

    gottvater.,,,,.kraftwerk und giorgio moroder ausm grödnertal….breakbot jesus l'impératrice ….

  20. mag pej says

    computer is my bread

  21. Walter P. says

    i see in concert in Milano in 1980 Band Prophetic^_^

  22. NEUPARADOX says


  23. Jeffrey Boeve says


  24. Warnderbar says

    Facebook's Theme Song.

  25. Mechanism219.6 says

    It's your job to compute!

  26. Marc Nieuwhof says

    Sooo coool!

  27. Dimitris Andreou says

    I want to program 8bit

  28. Thurman [Main Lieutenant] says

    Business ???
    Numbers 123467890
    Money ????
    People ????

    Communication ??
    Time ⏰⌚
    Entertainment ????

  29. Fadedge says

    Real fans watching this in 144p

  30. Marcus Trancoso says

    7'23" Ápice/Heaven/Nirvana: Awesome lead analogue sound

  31. NuntiusLegis says

    I guess the effect was added in post production, but my jaw dropped nevertheless when they got pixelated on stage after the first song. 😉

  32. Tomasz Marcinski says

    TY hello from ??

  33. eduardo leon says

    1981 ????? great track ……

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