L1 Games Update, Store Tour, Covid-19, yard sales, and more


Just an update to let you all know whats happening lately.
Please wear a mask and keep small businesses like mine open!
Enjoy the video!

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  1. BDBD16 says

    Love your view! Found you threw Ace's Adventures of all things. Sub'd!

  2. Cody Morris says

    Yeah, it's not like other countries have worn masks to stop spreading illnesses for years… /s Get a clue, USA and just wear a mask or stay home. Those N64 games were a killer find, I'm jealous.

  3. Gary Carnuche says

    Great video Muzz. I agree with you 100%.

  4. TH Cars and Gaming says

    I understand where you're coming from Muzz, but unfortunately here in columbus masks are not going to get rid of this, nothing is gojng to get rid of this. Its going to be here forever. I wear a face covering because I'm forced to. I cant breathe in this hot weather because of my severe asthma, let alone with a mask but im forced to. I almost passed out the other day walking to my car from my house 60 feet with no mask and I almost passed out. I wish i could say its going to help, but its going to make it worse.

  5. JeffMustDie says

    Don't get fooled by those people caring fake medical cards saying their exempt from wearing masks.

  6. Gordon Taylor says

    Just an FYI, Ace's Adventures posted a video walkthrough of the mall you're in a few hours after this video: watch?v=El7INI5Y6cw

  7. Danny Palm says

    Muzz, I 100% agree with you in this video. Thank you for saying it.

  8. Carter Baker says

    Could be people going outdoors on the week end to parks and things.

  9. CCGamesCEO says

    Store looks good!

  10. Crusherbad64 says

    This is what's nice about videogames, we can all have different views in life but when playing games together, it's all good fun!

  11. G Vulture says

    I'm glad your business is starting to build again and yes we all need to wear masks and wash our hands!

    Got a question what do you think about next generation games becoming $70? As a business owner do you think this adds any problems in making game sales in the future? It would be cool to get a full perspective video on this from a store owner all I'm reading about is from customers perspectives. 2 decades ago some games were really expensive as price was determined by their "quality" and memory size in the cartridge if I'm not mistaken. Final Fantasy 3 (6) SNES was like $80 on launch and its true that inflation hasn't changed video games as much as other industries over the years. Trying to ignore Covid through this question is difficult as well since who knows how the economy could support this industry in the next year.

    Personally as someone who doesn't buy a lot of games at launch I find the $70 push has deterred me from buying a PS5 in the first year as I mainly play on PC and Switch now but if every game is going to be $70 at launch for these next gen consoles I might even hold off on buying a next gen console at all until they become really affordable and all those games will be $20 or under by then. I have a feeling the PC platform may become even more popular as theirs a lot more options to buy games at variable prices even at launch.

  12. Gamesters Bay says

    Hey Muzz, we too have noticed weekdays being better than some weekends I think being that we’re in states that get really cold for many months people locally aren’t gaming as much, they wanna enjoy the short summer

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