Lamborghini Aventador S v Tesla Model S P100D – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST


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This is it… The ultimate petrol vs electric showdown! Yianni from Yiannimize is back with his Lamborghini Aventador S, and it’s going up against the Tesla Model S P100D! Last time out the Aventador took down the Model X P100D thanks to its 6.5-litre V12 that can produce 640hp… But given the Model S P100D can produce 680hp, is petrol power still going to prevail? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!

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  1. LilXvertical - says

    I’d prolly still get the Tesla over the lambo cuss you will notice the acceleration in the daily use and yh u can use the p100d in daily use idk about that lambo

  2. levius nhan says

    A guy drive tesla car so idiot :V

  3. Phoenix Ultimate says

    This same Tesla Model S P100D should beat the Lambo now with the new software update. Warp mode baby! 10.45s 1/4 mile

  4. Rozze says

    Where is a new sportcar from tesla

  5. TESLA WORLD from Leben company says
  6. fahad naem says

    Lambo launches its first fully electric car.
    Yianni: It's ain't Tesla.

  7. MOBILE MCAT says

    Now everyone's gonna gate Tesla because it won but doesn't have sound.

  8. Bonza El-Testo says

    aventador looks way more cooler and have a good sound

  9. Ahmed Addas says

    TESLA is garbage

  10. Winglay says

    Vos sabes lo que es que un auto familiar te rompa el culo, si los pones ambos en circuito gana el tesla lejos.

  11. Vale Bordign says

    Put it in ludicrous mode

  12. The Dragon Emperor says

    Everybody in the comments are saying “it’s a 4 door family car” but when it loses you say the same thing

  13. Edgar says

    Aventador vs roadster ?

  14. ꧁Mark Bartels꧂ says

    Lambo v12 engine 618nm torque its a beast
    Check the 10000 nm new 2020 tesla shitting all over Bugatti's best of the best 8.9 on the Quarter mile and 1.9 from 0-60 YES that really is 1.9

  15. Franz Xaver Fuchsberger says

    The lambo at least drive's 10 km before elon doesn't want you to drive anymore.

  16. Neman Singh Sahu says

    If Tesla also launches a sports car than it is definitely going to beat lambo ….??

  17. Mangonese 2.5 says

    If Tesla cars are used in fast and furious it would have been the most quiet movie

  18. keeping up with state house says

    2013 Range Rover sport hse vs 2013 Toyota hilux

  19. keeping up with state house says

    2013 Range Rover sport hse vs 2013 Toyota hilux

  20. os 2musicuk says

    nanny is a twat with a massive inheritence

  21. Struan Robertson says

    I tried everything to get it working spamming key

  22. Sentinel_ 17 says

    To be able to keep up with Lamborghini it's just impressive like it or not.

  23. Tiago Moreira says

    A familly car, With half the prize, amazing performance we gotta admit

  24. Ebony Maw says

    honestly, some of these tesla fanboys are just a bunch of weebs who doesn't know shit about cars.

  25. Matyáš Svoboda says

    when tesla roadster comes, all drag races will be destroyed by it

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