'Latte levy' – a tax on coffee cups? BBC News Review


Do you care about the environment? Billions of coffee cups are thrown away every year. Now some British politicians want to raise money for recycling in the UK by adding an extra charge – the ‘latte levy’ – to disposable coffee cups.

Key words and phrases

in a bid to
in an attempt to (achieve something)

try to stop something bad happening

young people who are very clever and successful

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  1. Ciggia Blanco says

    I love these two together, and I extremely like Catherine and how she always select interesting words I had never heard about! Wich wasn't in my English lesson! Thank you so much Catherine and Neil, thank you BBC.

  2. Ayu _ says

    Was it Benedict Cumberbatch's voice who read the news? Seems like I am listening to Sherlock explains a case to Lestrade ??????

  3. Lou Drawn says

    In a bid to decrease the spread of pandemic goverments take the measures but last demonstrations around the world againts to discrimination is big threat i hope so everything will be good at end and we come over the both as soon as possible

  4. Zainab Ali says

    This show is fantastic. I am enjoying it.

  5. Victor Walczak says

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  6. Hang Vu says

    Awesome hosts, love to observe their facial expressions while chit chatting and sharing like friends

  7. morhaf asfoor says


  8. Laura Elena Muneratti says

    I'm trying to combat my kilos jajaja

  9. Laura Elena Muneratti says

    "In a bid" is commonly used?

  10. RB says

    I've just started listening/ watching BBC through YouTube this month and learned to love it. So educational… it helps me a lot in my preparation taking English language test. Thank you BBC.
    And with regard to the above topic, i was kinda surprised (it is because im not into current event) that politicians were really in a bid to mans habitual-rubbish-event in order to protect and make our environment preserve for the new generations.

  11. thi le says

    if they have subtitle on them i am really appreciate

  12. خالد المهدي says


  13. nova xu says

    Just started wondering why it is called "latte levy", and the host asked some question. they explained so well, thank you!

  14. Alicia Ferreyra says

    Latte levy is confuse for me please can you explain me

  15. Rajni Lama says

    love from India ♡

  16. Amine Rebbah says

    Thank you from Algeria ?

  17. Le Dinh Tuyen says

    I can’t access the link on the desciption. Please update it.

  18. Dilek Durum says

    in a bad to : achieve something
    Combat : try to stop something bad happening
    Wizz-kids : young people who are very clever and successful

  19. Hello SUN says

    I learnt that the word ‘often’ is a silent t word. Why did Katherine pronounce it with t sound? Other examples are listen, lightning fasten.

  20. Andrew Ivanov says

    What is a meaning for MP?

  21. Abu-Aley says

    8:38 "borrowed from Germany" !!!
    In spite of the many French words, the entire English language is borrowed from Germany as it's one of Germanic language.


  22. Brigitte saint-pé says

    Hello Everyone.
    I suggest Catherine not to drink so much coffee because, she spoke very quickly on this video. Or, maybe I am she who should drink more coffee to catch her speech.

  23. اسراء السعدون says

    I love this kind lati coffee in sturbucks find

  24. اسراء السعدون says

    Coffee is very important for me all kinds of coffee l like it there is french and Arabic in addition turkish

  25. اسراء السعدون says

    l always drink kinds of coffee Arabic and french and turkish coffee

  26. اسراء السعدون says

    I like coffee alot

  27. николай иванов says

    Good day. I like this video and this training program. Keep doing it.

  28. Sharan Poad says

    I really like BBC bcoz it helps me aloooottt…thanx bbc

  29. اسراء السعدون says

    I like coffee l usually drink every day epishelly late cafe and hot chocalte

  30. Maream Rose says

    Thanks BBC ??

  31. Newr says

    THANKS ??????????

  32. serge kiko says

    I'm very fond of the way you present this emission and I follow you for while and so gratitude to you cause every time I found out a newest words

  33. Zahra Haghbin says

    Neil ur so cool i love ur accent so much! ??


    I want latty lavy?

  35. Tina Kary says

    BBC is the Best! I can't live without BBC. I'm retired, BBC is the reason for me to get out of the bed every morning!

  36. 김세영 says

    What is “MPs”?

  37. Richard Goode says

    A tax by goverment as a point as a policy as a non increase as a year to year.

  38. Richard Goode says

    A tax as policy till a reduce of plastic?

  39. Kenny 1998 says

    I like ur accent and ur way with words.

  40. JUHI SADAb says

    I lub ur teaching way n u r straight away but I enjoyed ur vedio

  41. Jo Li says

    I would say plastic bags are commonly used by people and also a big problem in Taiwan

  42. Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang says

    Thank you for your useful lesson. Hope you make more videos like this.
    I wish I can meet you face to face to talk ???

  43. Simon Stonefountain says

    still cannot catch up with the speakers…..

  44. Quang Nguyen says

    I'm a simple man, I see coffee, I watch it

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    Love you so much ,guys! You are awesome?

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    I love English very much, so ı listen this every day! (Actually ı'll listen this every day;)

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