Lec 2 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008


Lecture 2: Operators and operands; statements; branching, conditionals, and iteration
Instructors: Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof. John Guttag
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  1. Mainuddin Mulla says

    Prof is so cool, the class seems too geeky or classy to have chuckle on his jokes..

  2. Case Riviera says

    So far I've found and have taken one entire course from the University of Toronto by Dr. Jordan Peterson and now working on the Harvard CS50 and this MIT 6.00 lecture; if a person doesn't educate themselves it's due to their own choice, the resources available now are limitless. You can ask all of my notebooks, I take notes for every class and ensure a good night's sleep after that lecture and lab, so far that's been my recipe for moving data from short term to long term memory. Thank you @MIT for making these available to the public, I'm truly grateful.

  3. Bloboppy Ploppy says

    hermermer mer mer

  4. Paputsza says

    I've drank too much caffeine :<

  5. Arun Kanjoor says

    You guys are allowed to eat during a lec ??

  6. Albion Online Velocity says

    oh the precursors to secure by design and secure coding standards

  7. 謝維恩 says

    50:10, why is the student right? I don't understand why is the professor in big trouble ??

  8. Sumit Tripathi says

    In new Versions of python 'a'<3 actually gives you an error.

  9. Brian Wood says

    Anyone here because of corona?

  10. Luiz Giacomossi says

    Why does he pronounce While in such a weird way? 45:24

  11. John Wayne says

    He eats chalk a lot

  12. Mr R says

    Rumour has it that John is a legend

  13. Juventus Ventuno says

    If the students have little or no coding experience, how do they comprehend this 2nd lecture of the class?

  14. Nani Rnr says

    are you kidding me .. some one at MIT does not know the difference between = & ==

  15. Please ForgiveMyInsanity says

    Lol "Woh I just hit someone in the head" Then he proceeds with no apology…. Haha what the heck…

  16. Edward Elkins says

    computer accuracy is trying. I have friends trying to think like a computer who got into engineering or computer science, when I communicate with them I wonder how such small matters become so difficult to communicate or understand when they try to explain quantum math or physics to the matter, to me such a simple and clear solution with very little math needed, why because I am human and my dominion not like a machine but more god like. So , I think computer language could be changed to be more accommodating to the human being then to the machine. Not a lot more but more. A computer is essentially a slave, to make humans think like computers , you essentially degrade them, lower them and force them to become like machines to enslave them. In our society we have freedom, so what happens is the engineer or computer scientist ends up enslaving themselves and accomplishing not a lot on a human level and less on a machine level because their machines out perform them as machines.

  17. Afzal Ali says

    reminds me of phillip price from mr robot : https://mrrobot.fandom.com/wiki/Phillip_Price

  18. srtalukdar says

    I tried this " 'a' > 3 " today in Python 3, but it gives an error. Says "not supported between instances of 'str' and 'int' ". So the rules may have changed after that.

  19. phill barnett says

    19:15 "okay, my view is, I don't like it"

  20. Aydin Jalilov says

    Python made a long way since this MIT class but there is still lots of useful information.

  21. Guardian says

    Just finished lecture 1 &2 now onto 3. Gonna get this knowledge and change my life.

  22. InsaneChef says

    I wonder if I become a programmer, I really love it

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