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  1. TJ5 says

    In the game against Middlesborough after Augustin hit the post he was a bit harsh. It was close to being a perfect finish. Give the man some credit

  2. Dee One says

    15:53 it was Chris Willock his brother

  3. Jin Chan says


  4. Juan Manuel-Pueblo says

    That freekick tho… OOOFF, SWAZZ

  5. Phonuse 077 says

    Manny: I’m a Liverpool fan
    Also Manny: wears Atletico Madrid jersey
    Me: Well that aged well

  6. MohamedNashnoush says

    is the quality bad or is it me

  7. Wrightyz10 says

    Phillips is Leeds best player tbh

  8. Tom Reeve says

    he's unreal till you get in the prem dosent really improve

  9. SGfootball says

    Phillips chest code

  10. Bymarksy says

    Snakey bamford

  11. Murph_06 says

    Bro banging series

  12. Jonathan Zumakpeh says

    Where's Kemar Roofe? Get him back…he bleeds Leeds united

  13. Richard Hutinson says

    Don’t manage Leeds United because they are a scum team and racist hooligan fans.

  14. Ryan Yates says

    Douglas should be starting! Look at his free kick taking stat it’s unreal

  15. wassuk16 wazza says

    Benrahma is crazy good

  16. Conquest Tv Gaming says

    Manchester united in this game in FM 19 is like last boss how are they this year?

  17. B says

    In my second season Roberts mnearly gets golden boot in the prem and I sold him for 30m lol.

  18. Just Mike Plays says

    If you need a striker look at Adam Buksa

  19. Just Mike Plays says

    Just been catching up on these. Love the series Manny. Looking forward to Episode 4

  20. HarvMarks4 says

    I see you looking at Ben Thompson. What a player. Had him on loan here at pompey and he was outrageous ballerrr

  21. AKC says

    how the fuck have you got a libero at rcb hahahaha

  22. Andrew Hillsy says

    O'Dowda from Bristol City could be a good winger

  23. BlueSaile says

    Leif Davis is doing well in my leeds save?

  24. Leo Choudury says

    Keep it up manny by the way I’m a leeds fan

  25. Ian Nyabereka says

    He can also bag in the goals

  26. Ian Nyabereka says

    Manny if you see this you should get Lincoln from flamengo he is a young striker with huge potential

  27. Cory Beck says

    We need another now

  28. AJ Wint says

    I am a west brom fan and you hurt my feelings

  29. Beans on Toast says

    Use Robbie Gotts and train him to be a RB, he is the best player on my three year save

  30. Big chunky Mexican says

    You should sign mackay Stevens for striker

  31. Oskaraldo says

    18:23 You have to buy Fabio Silva, CRAZY potential. Like so manny can see!

  32. Ahmed Alsadig says

    While I apreciate the 30 minute video(love em) perhaps making them two parts 15 mins each? Idk I do like the stream aspect idek if it would work its just a bit strange that 3 episodes in its already January though if you're taking leeds all the way all the way to become like champions league contenders then this should work insha Allah regardless keep it up I enjoy ur vids

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