Let Food Be Thy Medicine


In collaboration with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being. [6/2018] [Show ID: 33486]

Future Thought Leaders

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  1. Seven Ellen says

    Why is there a bottle of oil right there?! Seconds in, and the image is already confused. Fats should only be consumed in foods when they're whole states, like nuts and seeds (I'd say avocados from a health perspective, but not from a green one. They have to travel too far to reach too many customers, so they're best left alone). Loving all the veggies though.

  2. Jonathan Garzon says


  3. SoulBlues says

    so Lectins, natural pesticides, antinutrients, oxolates etc does not bother any of you? Plants are toxic for humans, organic or not.

  4. Desi bhojan says

    I am a chef please subscribe my channel

  5. strongdan1 says

    Thanks ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Weli Hassan says

    Too many people in that panel

  7. Medos Mathe says

    Hi l have a problem with eyes what vegetable can eat

  8. Rolston Amos says

    I love this. Very very good information. I never grew up much meat and i finally decided to eating no meat but go back to nature and drink lots of water and eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. Doctors are surprised regularly when they realize that I have no medical issues. I am on no meds and have never had a surgery. God is good. Thanks be to God.

  9. Daisy Hall says

    Very good quote

  10. Ace Glen Garcia says

    Organic fruits and vegetables doesn't mean pesticide free.

  11. Andrea Maciel says

    Whole food plant based is the way to go!!

  12. VicTorious DesignS says

    I absolutely love what Zen said the one that's wearing the burgundy Blazer she spoke truth when she said that the parents sometimes say that their kids don't eat certain stuff but you have control over that and what you choose to buy and put in your house that is so true I used to tell people that all the time as a RBT at my clinic when my clients would say that their children only eat certain things and not veggies and fruits I would always try to explain to them that you have control over what your child put in their mouths and I would try to encourage the parents to add fruits and vegetables in their lunch boxes when they would bring them to the clinic its definitely a major problem in America

  13. Jessie Kenyon says

    I found out the hard way too. I’m feel like I’m a poison detector too. Just noticed the pineapple gives me a headache now what did they do to the pineapple

  14. carol randazzo says

    Nice to see the general perspective is eat unprocessed and chemical free food thus eat better. Many years ago the saying was "You are what you eat." Finally this is beginning to become a reality. Game changers….they are all very well informed and speak of a promise of healing by doing what we all love and need….eating.

  15. Theresa Manning says

    Yes it is true but what they use to grow this foods are chemicals

  16. Rose Baharally says

    Very good insight and understanding to the hypothyroidism. Thanks for sharing

  17. K L B says

    So Happy I found this!! Thank you?‍♀️❤?

  18. Joyce Underwood says

    Please help me figure out how to help a relative overcome alcohol addition naturally.

  19. thinkin outloud says

    Oh boy, big fat women telling us how to eat.

  20. knittingknut says

    Interesting however many people with food issues are going towards pure carnivore and eliminating vegetables and fruits and nuts and grains with excellent results. Extremely simple and beneficial. Carnivore is the ultimate elimination diet. If you’re looking at this video because of food and digestion issues then consider the carnivore diet. A simple diet of meat and water is extremely nutritious and nutrient dense and very well tolerated by many people. Meat heals despite the common misconception that meat is inflammatory. After experiencing the healing of a pure carnivore diet, you can then re introduce other foods one by one. Many people don’t bother though because they find that the carnivore diet is all they need.

  21. Trey Davis Gud Guyz says

    Dr. Sebi been talking this shit and they tried to put him in prison for it

  22. Serah Ukoh says


  23. Rudy Jean says

    I got rid of my herpes from eating God's food (fruits)

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