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As we countdown the days to Football Manager 2020 I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and play some of the older Football Manager titles. Today we’re on FM10 playing as Getafe with one aim… to try and sign Neymar.

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  1. Barış Koç says

    Where can i download???

  2. Apochat Totop says

    do you have tactics for fm2010

  3. Matoshi VevoChannel says

    do you know a link to download football manager 2010 free (full version)

  4. I am not Bob Dylan says

    when i was 12 years old, i used to wear suits when im in Champions Final managing Liverpool

  5. haro wilson says

    Re-playing the game n found this video.

  6. Joaquin 87 says

    I don't remember fm10 very much, but this graphics engine look very pretty ? even more tham fm19

  7. LPS says

    My first FM was FM17 which is when I finally grew tired off fifa so its not much off a nostalgia trip for me but still very interesting to see how it used to be

  8. Dexphobic says

    the best FM there is

  9. 1Sopel6 says

    I must say, I really miss the style of this UI, it seems so clean and organized, bright panels and the headers that made it look like bookmarks on your manager's folder. Nowadays they go with the "social media" style where everything is simplified to the point of hiding screens deeper and deeper in order to not "overwhelm" the UI.

  10. UK FootballScore says

    People say that the wording is boring and that it's repeated all the time but that's exactly what it's like IRL always get the same questions

  11. Vasiliy Zelepupkin says

    try FM 2006 or 2005 🙂

  12. Thomas Kendell says

    That Getafe team looks pretty strong

  13. Dodgee Gamer says

    I don't have FM10 in my library on Steam sadly but I did sim FM11 up to the present day. Very interesting to see players like Harry Kane completely fail to make it!

  14. NikkoLazy says

    Its mandatory for players in La Liga to have a release clause. Thats why you couldnt remove it

  15. Naim Mazlan says

    wow that match engine is better than FM19

  16. Mohamad Rizal says

    FM10 Manager detail>>>>>FIFA 20 career mode

  17. jacobhughes87 says

    What happened to your diamond dominator tactic from fm 15?

  18. Mehluli Moyo says

    This game was my start into the FM life. I remember playing Manchester United in the FA Cup with Peterborough United, signed Zezinho and Joao Paulo and I crushed them 3-0. Oh how I shouted with joy back then.

    Thanks man, this game reminded me of the good times

  19. philip223344 says

    God, this is a happy nostalgia trip. But if you show this, FM12, and FM14 to me before FM20 comes out, I'm gonna be too depressed about the state of the modern games by comparison to play anything

  20. ad123br says

    I don’t know how it would look but could you do a side by side comparison with previous year when showing graphics/ME/stats/regen faces etc?

  21. KIZZY 69 says

    FM18>FM15>FM16>FM19>all else
    played all of them, started from FM14
    Main reason for fm19 not being number 1 is because of the regen attribute spread. strikers are all copy paste advanced forwards, no variety… other positions too.
    Also, scoring from open play is impossible after you're the dominant team in your league. (im playing in serbia on fm19)

  22. Lenz says

    This was the first version I played ?

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