Letting BASKETBALL TRICK SHOTS Decide What We EAT For 24 Hours!


We’ve been eating a lot of food and playing a lot of basketball recently so we decided to combine the two for one epic trickshot video!!!

SNAPCHAT: thejassidhu95




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  1. Ana Graham says

    Derek: wears One Direction shirt and mentions Larry.

    Me: Impressive

  2. PinkRainCloud says

    4:04 I thought I was watching a Jas Sidhu video not the gun show ??

  3. Charlie Yin says

    derek those are likie plastic your supposed to fried them oh my god why does nobody get asian stuff gosh

  4. Toxic Wxrld says

    Jaspal thinking how to get views:DEREK

  5. Giorno Giovannna says

    3 months of jas shitting 3 damn months

  6. Rv Slaps says

    Yay new video jaspal all way comes out with a banger

  7. Chloe_Is_Nerdy says

    Jaspal looks good in pastels ?

  8. Dani 1234 says

    50% of all food in uk,,bet u wish u were in uk?

  9. Verena F says

    How didn’t they know they had to deep fry those chips first? Cause then they’re amazing ?

  10. Scoobyfan 82 says

    What happened after T&T?
    The toilet died.☠?

  11. Pencil says

    Every Feminest is coming for your Throat Bc you said " it liggit looks like something only guys can make" 17:01

  12. sanaa shokry says

    You had to put it in oyel

  13. Jakob 360 HD says

    Will a jerk_5_Jag five guy like Terry better

  14. Lit hype beast gaming says

    What about the Kobe jersey

  15. Coding_ Doggo says

    I Feel Like Jaspaul Is A Literal Version Of Ronald McDonald Cause Of How much He Eats McDonald’s

  16. Declan Gibson says

    R u gay with derek?!?!?!

  17. Grishma Nakarmi says

    Well u got f*cked jaspal.

  18. iconsumesoap says

    Who new that these two can play basketball

  19. Andres Pelayo says


  20. Mayuree Nunkoo says

    The dried fungus needs to be soaked and cooked. ?‍♀️?

  21. Mayuree Nunkoo says

    Those shrimp crackers needs to be fried. Before consumption. ?‍♀️?

  22. Saul Peralta says

    Yo what happened to the old silly jaspal

  23. Brayden McIntyre says

    If jaspal eats t&t his toilet looks like a Picasso painting

  24. Haroon Arain says

    Jaspal is like the hero I never had

  25. Yasmin Mohammed says

    Those prawn chips you are supposed to fry them first… lol ???

  26. J Farmer says

    Jaspal had to buy 4 new toilets the last time he had t&t

  27. Chloe Berridge Year 10 Wickersley says

    When jas said I watched one tree hill I literally cried ?

  28. Taylon Abbott says

    No one:
    Jaspaul: is that vegetarian (the drink has cream in it ??‍♂️?)

  29. Faustas Lukosius says

    You couldent even get 10k views without derek

  30. Anaconda77 says

    The Score's at the end
    Derek:2 Jas:2

  31. AsianKFC says

    im pretty sure ur supposed to boil the pron chips LOL

  32. Ilyas Kuanyshbekov says

    You are supposed to fry prawn flavoured chips

  33. EsBee says

    i dunno bout yall but im waiting for that merch

  34. RGB Waters says

    I fell out of my chair at 13:30

  35. Taylor’s Life says

    Mushrooms are fungus and we eat them lol ???

  36. Killian LaFleur says

    jaspals videos are the best and i love him

  37. _leahs_here_ 123_ says

    Why are there tesco bags? You don't live in the UK

  38. Dryden Girard says

    Eating like Tyrone the fitness addict for 24 hours
    ⬇️ Check that idiot out

  39. Britney Moore says

    You mom

  40. PHANTOM X says

    No one finna talk about this pic 3:54 ight bet meet me in the gulag

  41. Lori Leone says

    Haha I have never seen such dramatic guys! And I love it!

  42. Amy Ella says

    I bet a cookie THE jassidhu95 won’t heart this comment.

  43. Kaylee Bowen says

    So no one is going to let them know that they were supposed to cook the prawn chips

  44. Truscellia Smith says

    the airpits??

  45. j vickery says

    TNT= ?????

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