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  1. Laylay Mor says

    any1 from 2020

  2. NightWOLF 9 says

    Im here to learn the real English language

  3. Nicholas Diecidue says

    Not the video we wanted but the video we needed

  4. Brandon Opondi says

    Watch for the video

  5. CA Canavan says

    when it said hfieruhipurhgiuhrligfhdilfuhgergrsth i felt that..

  6. Aniyah Battle says

    I grew up on this song

  7. ElMuekaNYC says


  8. Sabi says

    How much weed did they have to smoke to make this masterpiece.

  9. Preston Diaz says


  10. bunjo bunjo says

    Knowing the lyrics of this song is like unlucking a new quest on a game.

  11. ßlade says

    Almost 6 years later and we still haven’t deciphered wtf they’re saying

  12. Itssjustbabygirl says

    So.. that ain’t lil Wayne?

  13. · ꧁Alexis Ga͓̽cha͓꧂ · says

    He speaking enchantment table ?

  14. Katie Gurney says

    anyone here from the tiktok trend mood killers? just me okayyy

  15. NikoRukiシ says

    Can’t believe this song 5 years old now I remember this on the radio lmao

  16. No says

    Livin life like a baguette, did the dishes in the beginniiin

  17. Daffa Barin says


  18. Vlogs by Guh says

    Back when life was good✨

  19. Asharia Smith says

    0:33 When your mom how’s your grades looking so far

  20. Mustaqim Suraw says

    Who else sings 2020

  21. Hugh Games says

    When he said “Living life like a baguette and that’s only the beginning” that hit me hard!

  22. snail boy 45 says

    0:33 me talking to my crush

  23. Drew ski says

    Its livin life like a beginner

  24. Katawari-Chan says

    He's speaking the language of the Gods

  25. Cixnzo says

    can is just add it says
    living life like a beginner and this only the beginning

  26. Max Hinga says

    Wow the lyrics were good

  27. julian dat GOAT says

    Best song of 2014

  28. Hi dude says

    My fav part is when he said “tgdhhugdggggfwhqhqqjqjsnbdgdusshhhuujj”

  29. _ Myeconn says

    1:00 I love how he has no idea what that word was so it just said [r]

  30. Ferg. says

    This is worse than desiigner..

  31. Roberto Guzman says


  32. Wiggle Pickleシ says

    1:13 that little noise he made he sounded like a angry bird

  33. Nainai Love says

    When your using google translate to communicate with someone that doesn’t speak your language but you don’t know how to pronounce the words 0:33 lmao

  34. Lit Jit says

    It’s nigga livin life like a beginner

  35. Kameron Hood says

    Me asking why my little brother crying him explaining why he crying 0:33

  36. El prince Mikey says

    I can’t but it was lit back in 2014

  37. Domioof Channel says

    Nigha libin layf liek vulcanu and dis is onle
    De begening!
    (This is i hear when i was a kid)

  38. Coen Walbrook says

    Needed this all I heard wa nimagenulifsidjejguuuiniinnn

  39. Kyle Da Vinci says


  40. Noah Steetle says

    My dudes talking cursive

  41. Nicholas Shawn says

    Who cares about how they sound, there singing about how life changed

  42. Mono TT says

    Судя по комментам здесь, этот чувак как наш Скриптонит

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