Lil Herb – Computers Freestyle (Official Music Video)


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Lil Herb drops a LVTR RAW “Computers” freestyle

Shot by the interns Kevin and Antoinne

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  1. ELEVATOR says

    Submit music and videos to ELEVATOR

  2. corrupted says

    we inna front car fonem trailin us wit two 130s?

  3. Rocky Lord13 says


  4. NoLimitChristian !! says

    Everyone who lives in Chicago know he lil herb befo g herbo

  5. Mitchy Juggmoney says

    This the reckless herb young off them yoppas sticked up you can see it in his eyes he matured the right way tho

  6. ES-MSB 779 says

    when did they stop pushing the 5? shit look hella odd to the OGs blood

  7. Samy’s Studio says

    Who still bumping this in 2020?? I swear I’m gon make this comment blue.

  8. Reggie reg HTTR says

    Drop a 5 for Vito you want smoke let me know

  9. Damon Allen says

    This boy is trash asf ??

  10. s1ut collective says

    Rip kobe

  11. AJ says

    This sounds like that 6ix9ine song

  12. AJ says

    R.I.P. Juice WRLD

  13. definitelynotsayquan says

    2:31 that nigga looks like a darkskin ybn nahmir w longer dreads

  14. Hide Booler says

    Still goes crazy

  15. NVR Vegan says

    Snapped and said “Yeah I can retire Lil Herb now”

  16. David De Los Rios says

    Before Swervo mode this drill life mode really be bumpin too…never forget this shit

  17. reckOo Daugherty says

    My son?

  18. Dillon Jimenez says

    Witch one is better g herbo or prince dre computers

  19. FG_po900vre says

    Im so BDK

  20. FG_po900vre says


  21. Major Success says

    2020 G herbo fans

  22. Gwalla 1Hunnit says

    2020 i had to come here shit still wham!????✊

  23. Chicago Maineo says


  24. Young Guu says Fwi more songs coming

  25. Kevo The Huncho says

    2020 rocking ?????

  26. Charles Brown says

    2020??? Shit still hard

  27. Reak Sosa says

    Kyro & Duwop always in the videos ?????? Its fuxked up Crazy James & Ebk Juvie Got Loxked up for a short

  28. Deon Wesley Jr says

    Here I am in 2020. I tell people I can’t make you like his music if you wasn’t fucking with him when he was Lil Herb

  29. Fresh Materialisticmoney says

    We on the 8 wit 5 30s nigga Ocho cinco (ocho 8 cinco 5 )

  30. ENSSainted Boi says

    Fuck g herbo this lil herb

  31. Mdf gg_zt says

    This nigga was talking about 69 way before 69 was 69

  32. Cj 123 says

    I still think da "Pull up shootin and 1 free throw, bitch that's automatic" bar was legendary ???

  33. Ed Bundles says

    Not gon lie I’m a g herbo fan fuck the opps but nobody shoulda touched this after wooski did

  34. Ann Gardener says


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