Lionel Messi ● Greatest Individual Performance vs Real Madrid CF ► FCB 5-0 RMA [Eng.] ||HD||


Lionel Messi Best Individual Performance Ever Against Real Madrid CF | Messi vs Real Madrid (Home) 10-11 HD 1080p [Barcelona 5-0 Madrid] with English Commentary ||

Lionel Messi doesn’t need to score goals to be the best player in the world. This game proves that very well. Messi ran steam roller over Real Madrid & Cristiano Ronaldo and led his team to trash them 5-0. Jose Mourinho and his players were humiliated at Camp Nou with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez witnessing it all from the stands.

Leo Messi provided 2 ‘out of this world’ assists to David Villa and created many goalscoring chances. He was basically running circles around Real Madrid players. Sadly, Leo Messi couldn’t finish the game because of a very very dangerous foul from frustrated Sergio Ramos.
Still it was him who made everything possible for the best Barcelona El Clasico win ever.

This compilation features Messi Performance vs Real Madrid which is definitely his best performance against Real Madrid. This may even be the greatest individual show ever from the best player ever!
This compilation contains:
Messi Performance vs Real Madrid ,
Messi 2 Assists to David Villa vs Real Madrid ,
Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid ALL Goals ,
Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid Complete Highlights ,
Sergio Ramos Foul on Messi ,
Barcelona and Real Madrid Fights ,
Barcelona Players Celebrations ,
Reactions from Florentino Perez , Jose Mourinho , Cristiano Ronaldo and many more ,

This compilation is 33 minutes long because I tried to put EVERY play of Messi. This is not just highlights from Messi but also highlights from Barcelona too. Because if you watch Messi you watch the match. So get the taste of watching Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid FULL MATCH in 33 minutes only with English Commentary in 1080p FULL HD.

For those to whom 33 minutes is too long to watch. Watch the major highlights-
2:30 to 4:20 (Messi dribble & woodwork) , 4:30 to 5:45 (Messi-Xavi amazing plays and first goal) , 9:20 to 10:30 (Messi dribble & pass) , 10:58 to 12:10 (Messi dribble+shot & ball retention) , 12:25 to 13:50 (Messi vs Carvalho) , 16:45 to 17:25 (Messi pass to Xavi) , 18:10 to 21:40 (Messi 2 assists & Villa 2 goals) , 25:30 to 26:15 (Messi chance created & nutmeg) , 26:40 to 27:10 (Barcelona fans/players aggressive celebrations & sorry Real Madrid players) , 29:40 to 31:55 (Messi fouled by frustrated Ramos & final whistle).

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Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid 10-11 [Home , Camp Nou] HD 1080i COMPLETE Individual Performance Highlights with English Commentary ,

“Barcelona 5 Real Madrid 0: Hell Clasico for Mourinho & Ronaldo.” – Dailymail.
“Slap to Real Madrid. Thrashed and in tatters. Memorable symphony. Barca destroy a disappointing Madrid. Lesson of class, intelligence and the precision of their midfielders. The biggest defeat of a team Mourinho’s. After 18 minutes it was already 2-0 thanks to the football from another galaxy of Xavi, Villa and the SuperMessi.” – Marca [Real Madrid Magazine].

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  1. Syaiful Ahmad says

    Ramos is stupid player in the world

  2. DANA SAEED says

    Just Like Yesterday, MASHALLAH, FORCA BARCA!

  3. siraj hussein says

    What's the song at the start of the video

  4. xanderpanda23 says

    people who claim Pele or Maradona are better – i always ask – how many HOURS of video have you seen of them – esp pele?? We only see their highlights and maybe they have 1 or two hours of total video – MESSI is on tv every week for the last 10 years and EVERY WEEK IS A HIGHLIGHT REEL!!! GOAT – END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!

  5. marc afan93 says

    Cr7 legend in england spain italy
    Messi legend barca ????

  6. Mas Idie says

    messi selalu di hati

  7. subho d says

    I hate Ramos. He is really bad as a human.

  8. jose joseph says

    messi is like king james completed player

  9. Karma Ghising says

    Madrid Ronaldo gets paralyses infront of Barca Messi ??

  10. Helen Prok says

    RMA сборище орков, а не футболистов. Ни капли играть в футбол не умеют,только фолят.

  11. Alex R. says

    La Manita ??

  12. carl johnson says

    y roVAR y roVAR….cuando veo al farsa jugar

  13. Nadep damak says

    Messi Is Hero of Football Game

  14. WARSLAYER says

    Cmon guys fuck off. There is no more battle between this 2 players. Both of them are legends

  15. cocoloco65482 says

    At 7.53 And amateur pass from the self proclaimed GOAT and his scared face after have been dispossessed by Alvez a few seconds earlier at 7.31.???'

  16. Wez says we know why ramos, pepe and arbeloa never be a great defender in history..compared them with zanetti, maldini, nesta, cannavaro, cafu, ferdinand, keown, campbell, thuram, blanc, puyol they are just an ordinary street footballer..

  17. Irksome Corsaire says

    I don't agree with this title. Best Messi assists maybe.

  18. Kyriacos Keravnos says

    Damn that 2009-2010 team was pure class.

  19. Pedro Ali-Penalver says

    This is not even close to be the greatest individual performance of Messi against Real Madrid. Please, do not mislead people. Messi has performed way better against RM.

  20. Luciano Trapp says

    Estoy en Rosario argentina 4 am re mamado viendo esto. Ni escribir puedo casi del pedo q tengo pero como se disftuta esto. Q hdp messi lo mejor que le paso futbol. Un genio. Ni crack ni estrella ni lo q sea. Desfruta solo verlo, meta goles o no

  21. Meysam Morshedy says

    Cr7 is GOAT no doubt. becaus messi play only in barca but cr7 play in 4 club in 4 cuntry and its hard but he rock in all of them but messi in barca dont challange himself and like cr7 have't to fit his with new team mates and club strategy , it's the caus of those nombers that you dont mensen. Messi don't play any team but barca , and prove it in 15 years in his national team he never was'nt shodow of barca , last tournoment plan for messi name it south america cop 3 group , half of teams was asian too messi have a national honor and go to the great players list (becaus player who have no
    Adult national honor , not fit in greats ) he can't do any thing and no abiliti of this ,and that prove he just can play in barca .but cr7 have crown in 4 country and make his national team 2 time champion of hardest continent of the word . Those numbers you analysed mean any thing because messi just play in one club but cr7 play 4 diferent , and a perfessional new what this mean. If messi like cr7 challenge himself and play in diferent teams in other countries that time this compare was on justice , all of these facts that i write clame cr7 is GOAT by distance.

  22. Yonathan Cipta Dewata says

    I love Real Madrid…. ?

  23. Sajid Saji says

    Losser players RM

  24. turquoisestones says

    Couldn't score 6:0. What a bunch of losers!

  25. Tae Kang says

    Messi is just too good to be true

  26. Syed Zaman Ali Shah says


  27. Langalakhe Yeni says

    31:26 why always me walk

  28. Lady Y Damanik says


  29. Vinny Flores says

    Real got destroyed lmao. They were on the back foot since the starting whistle.

  30. Glasss Mirror says

    After Messi and Christiano game over for football

  31. gita cute says

    Ronaldo come Messi likee

  32. MJ JM says


  33. Anderson Salinas says

    Messiiiiii es el mejor y siempre lo será

  34. Karma Ghising says

    This is how Ronaldo era ended ????

  35. Karma Ghising says

    Is ramos even a player??

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