Lionel Messi epic miss vs Trinidad & Tobago (International Friendly) 2014


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Lionel Messi worst ever miss!
Argentina Football Federation (AFA) vs Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National Football Team (TTFA) Date – June 4th 2014 International Friendly.


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  1. Shane Kenoo says

    He did not miss. It was the defender.

  2. Jonathan Farias says

    Defender…. Not Messi

  3. Beam W.G says

    AHAHAHA messi didnt miss, it was the defender

  4. jazzbin gurung says


  5. Will Kinaston says

    Piss off Messi is the best who's just beaten the record in La Liga MESSI MESSI MESSI

  6. Mustafinho says

    The defender kicked it away

  7. idipu123 says

    hit by the defender… blind

  8. cdg03 says

    The defender hit it you spastics

  9. Peter Melisik says

    he is just human too.. 

  10. chubbyknight says

    WTF???? Oh dear….

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