Lionel Messi juggling challenge – testing Messi’s touch and football skills. In this video we challenge Lionel Messi to juggle a football, golf ball, tennis ball and his football boots to test Messi’s legendary football skills and see how well he can control different objects with his feet. Can Lionel Messi juggle everything? Watch this Lionel Messi football challenge now to find out all about Lionel Messi’s football skills, we are sure you have NEVER seen Messi juggle football boots, golf ball or tennis ball before!

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Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest footballer of all time and Messi is known for amazing football skills that no one else in the world can pull off. Messi is not only an inredible goal scorer, free kick taker and teamplayer – but he also assists an incredible amount of goals to his FC Barcelona and Argentina teammates. Lionel Messi has broken almost every possible individual record that exists and has won major trophies throughout his career – but perhaps in the years to come he will mainly be remembered for the insane Messi skills that we’ve got to witness throughout the years. In this video Messi speaks about what he learned as a player when arriving to Barcelona at a young age and Messi also reveals what kind of training exercises he did as a young boy to develop the now legendary Messi touch. Watch our Lionel Messi juggling challenge to hear more from Messi himself and see as he juggles different objects we’ve never seen Messi juggle before!

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  2. Ayush Thakur says

    I am sure that you are listening messi's voice for the first time

  3. BokangK Mfikoe says

    what launguage is messi speaking

  4. moh shanid says

    Messi is so lucky he got meet him

  5. The Gamer of gamers says

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  6. NIHAL ZUBAIR says

    Who is watching this video after messi 7 th ballondor

  7. mridul vatsal says

    3:44 That's PES commentary

  8. Arshan Dubey says

    It's nice that Messi answers all the questions in his mother tounge, and there's nothing wrong in it, and just look at his confidence when replying to the questions …. But some of us are so insecure about thee fact that we dont know the english language and judge people on the basis of how well they speaks english

  9. Tonmoy Sarker says

    World king

  10. NINJA GAMING says

    You laughes at his hight
    He laughed at your bank balanace

  11. ReJIN yahel says

    What language is he speaking… Spanish ???


    You should give English Subtitles

  13. The Phenom says

    Can he juggle a bacteria

  14. Udathveer Singh Pasricha says

    3:10 , he be like what the hell is he saying

  15. JCI 21 says

    who here watching this video understood nothing Messi said

  16. Siddharth R says

    That definitely looks like commentry from Pes

  17. Omar Khalil المسلم says

    This is an excellent work in my opinion. The questions, the challenge and the editing. Great job!

  18. Jatin Yadav says

    People are saying that he can't speak English.
    Let me tell you that English is just a mere language with no culture and emotions.

  19. Amay Karthik.s says

    You are using pes commentry. Pes ???

  20. asif hossain says

    I heard that he is vegan?

  21. Poojan desai says

    He was the best
    He is the best
    He will be the best

  22. Josue Garrido says

    I just wanna be like messi One day I promise guys

  23. Agraj Adhikari says

    messi the goat??

  24. Nishant Sarma says

    I bet he wont be able to juggle an egg 🙂

  25. Christiana Chukwu says

    Is that even possible to juggle a goat

  26. Shona Ward says

    ෆිල් ඔහුගේ ඔරලෝසුව දෙස බැලීය අපට බැහැ ජූඩි ටී අඩක් වෙනකම් චිත්‍රාගාරය පාවිච්චි කරනවා

  27. Nilam Good says

    Whatever Messi says I was not able to understand a single word.??

  28. RAJESH NANI says

    He can juggle our planet also?

  29. Deepmala Anand kaushal says

    No because he can't juggggggel human

  30. Marybeth Page says

    කිසිවෙකු ඊට එකඟ නොවීය

  31. Deewakar Sharma says


  32. ROHIT GUPTA says

    Need talk

  33. ROHIT GUPTA says

    Papa ghyala yaa lavkar

  34. Masoud Ansari says

    Pes player can you identify the commentary

  35. Khairil Zakky HKR says

    PES's English commentary ?

  36. pranjal das says

    Mesi ??

  37. DANCE WITH RIO says

    Messi is a fomous footballer……..

  38. Kishan Thingnam says

    I m ?% sure MESSI can juggle C. Ronaldo ?

  39. Juliya Julhas says

    Hate Messi

  40. Sandeep Sindhu says

    Tu asli jab girja jab level completed

  41. madadaaalo boys says

    @maxamed Qadar

  42. madadaaalo boys says

    @maxamed qadar

  43. Amani Jaffrey says

    no voice

  44. marakuka says


  45. Shakil Ahamed Sahab says


  46. Achuthan Pramod says

    He is man with an Extra ordinary power….

  47. Sourov Pegu says

    Next if you make video like this, pls show us the tips for simple juggles

  48. lil younboikev says

    Man is a ???

  49. Roni Miah says

    I am from bangladesh

  50. Aman Gupta says

    The only way to stop this man is to pause the video.

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