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All time premier league table –
England all-time league table –
Unofficial Football World Championships –

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  1. Kid With ADHD says

    Peru and scotland are the UFWC

  2. Stephen Putnick says

    The 10-year table has Leicester at the very bottom with 1 win. I wonder what Spencer of that day would have thought if you told him they would win the league next season.

  3. Matthew Mohan says

    "Aston Villa are in 8th, they are consistent, they have never been relegated." This is awkward

  4. Richard Tindall says

    Huddersfield Town 30th not bad for us!

  5. Leachim sdiam says

    700k well done

  6. Ben Dix says

    My friends say Manchester United are rubbish but now because you did that I can tell my friends by the way I'm a Liverpool fan

  7. Jack Osborn says

    best youtuber your videos are so original, wish you well

  8. Tom Schilling says

    do more videos like this! 😀

  9. Sam J says

    Wolves in 5th all time 😉

  10. Joe Bibby says

    Why on the 'full all time table' have everton played 400 more matches then everyone else?

  11. gappi1998 says


  12. Joel McGuinness says

    Lots of chelsea fans will argue and ssy its all history and say they are winners

  13. AlfieG6 says

    I entered that league when it started, made a team and got 21 points in the first week. But now it says I'm not in any leagues, and my team is gone! Is anyone else having this problem?

  14. James Hanlon says


  15. Luke Mac says

    Liverpool with the old owen and fowler partnership!!!!! Up em'!!!!!!!

  16. lol hi m8 says

    Bradford City are in there!

  17. Rhys says

    Crawley is my second team 😀

  18. MATTINESS says

    who gives a fuck about english football anyway. what a joke

  19. Charlie Waters says

    Talk about how bad west ham are jks ????

  20. Aaron Robertson says

    People who say City have no history? They are in the top 10 for almost all of those tables… 0_o

  21. kieran sargeant says

    When Brendan Rodgers wants to sign a world class player he should show them this video

  22. Pool's Closed says

    You know I actually quite like supporting a shit team because it's all that much more satisfying when you finally win. Besides there are to many glory hunters around atm, basically if your reason for supporting a team is "because they are good" then you haven't got a clue what it means to be a football fan.

  23. Blackoutz YT says

    Newport county is my local team lol

  24. Šarpilius says

    Arsenal is always on TOP-4.

  25. Joel Brant says

    13. We are leeds

  26. LookAt CurryMan says

    Did Liverpool pay you?

  27. Jp Eagles says


  28. Zachary Lockridge says

    Absolutely loved this video and many others that I've watched! Keep up the good work and you've just got a new subscriber! Hey from the USA.

  29. Trym Tollefsen says

    Can you talk about young talents that are on the way up like Ødegaard and player like that

  30. Blonde guitar says


  31. RonMD says

    cheeky arsenal at 4th place

  32. Matt Daughtery says

    I've only recently started frequenting your channel having seen your FUTSE 100 videos on FUTHead. This is an excellent video that brings a refreshing perspective to the sport, and I do have just one question for you: do you have a background in statistics/maths in general? It seems like it'd be difficult and time consuming to gather all of the data and interpret it. The wide range of videos that you post is what keeps me checking your channel on a daily basis, though. Keep it up man

  33. Arlon says

    I want to see an analysis video of play formations and how they affect the game, like with runs are being made, where the open spaces will appear and such and such.

  34. Harry Lobb says


  35. KrysB says

    Great video Spencer 🙂

  36. Will says

    Yessssss spencer you mention my local team Newport

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