Manchester City In 2025 According To Football Manager 2020


Along with Liverpool, Manchester City are the dominant force of English football, but will that still be the case in 2025? We use Football Manager 2020 to try and find out…

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  1. Think Scrolls says

    Do Newcastle pleeeeaassse

  2. Footy Champ says

    Do one with my favourite team Aston villa

  3. Rayan Kirmani says

    My man quique setien winning trophies left right and centre in FM.

  4. Alfie McMaster says

    Borussia dortmund in 2025

  5. Edward Norton says

    Is esposito not Argentinan?

  6. Liam Talks Football says

    Video 3 of asking for bury in 2020 in football manager 2015

  7. Jake enea says

    Chelsea please

  8. Gregory Brett says

    I'd be interested to see how the 2022 world cup and 2024 Euros went in this parallel sim world

  9. M Yusuf Raihan says

    can you please disable attribute masking so we can see the whole picture of the newgens? thanks

  10. Theo Ogden says

    Plz do Leicester City in 2025

  11. Javian Harriott says

    Liverpool 2025 squad please

  12. Nic Iannicelli says

    Day 3 of asking for Roma

  13. Matthew Dooley says

    Take a look at Leicester city. They'll probably be amazing.

  14. Epic Freckles says

    Can you do Liverpool next

  15. GameBase says

    World Cup 2022 next

  16. Owen Sanders says

    can you do Chelsea next?

  17. hmmm wtf says

    i still think benjani could do a job in this side

  18. Zachery Algaze says

    PSG in 2025 according to FM 2020

  19. Tietäjä says

    Chelsea or salford next

  20. Darrell Byamugisha says

    Athleti next?

  21. The Understeer Podcast says

    Have an idea Brinigng in the best players in the national eague Neymar messi etc also did not no the ethihad looked like that from that angle (at the start if the video) keep it up!

  22. Humza khalique says

    Ac Milan in 2025

  23. Gaurav Sharma says

    Atletico plzzzzzzzzzz

  24. Dante Spina says

    This team is ridiculous, so much money just thrown around. Reminds me of Barcelona and PSG on FM

  25. Charlie Barnicle says

    Nice to see James back I personally don't like other one

  26. Areen Zaman says

    Where did pep went?

  27. mark theballer says

    Good content bro

  28. A surrealist says

    Great content mate

  29. H H says

    I had a vid idea: Prem table I’d every player was in their prime

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