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  1. Ryan Back says

    Why are you home every game

  2. Cosmicsword203 says

    It is the Tactics that Matter.. Not only Offensive, You need to see the defensive Balance when assigning roles to your players. Manny isnt doing well because his team doesn't have a good defensive presence in the midfield.

  3. Jack Drfc says

    this series is mint

  4. RockMusicFan92 says

    This has been great to watch. Just wondering do you guys know why there might be no picture profiles for any of the leagues as i have nothing for the prem but the championship, league 1 and 2 are all okay.

  5. Magnus Ingemann says

    But moise Kean

  6. Jay Sanderson says

    I love this series

  7. Denice Kingswijk says

    When is sunday league soccer coming back

  8. Marlon Carthy says

    this is amazing …great series hahaha your too funny man ..the jacket hahahahahaha

  9. robbie lee says

    Just found this channel and if the content is always like this got a fan for life

  10. Jared Denton says

    Do it on YouTube

  11. Shane Vaughn says

    These videos are ridiculously entertaining

  12. Ethan Vaz says

    Literally the only watchable FM online save I've come across
    Keep it coming Manny

  13. Shaylen 'Shaylen' says

    Joelinton should have atleast scored 30 goals by now

  14. Simon Uppal says

    This series is cool would love to watch more

  15. Gaz says

    To be good at FM you’ve gotta go in depth. You don’t do that hence why your dead at it lol

  16. William Wolters says

    Love the series keep it up

  17. Austin Huerta says

    Manny in 13th : we’re here

  18. Ben Flyde says

    Please continue really fun and enjoyable to watch

  19. Ciamosabi says

    Pls keep uploading these on YouTube! I find it hard to catch streams a lot of the time so I appreciate these being uploaded so that I can watch them when I can

  20. Daniel Connor says

    manny you would have much better success if you didn’t just go on holiday and then spam the space bar through everything. Your dynamics and constantly adjusting tactics makes it almost impossible to win.

  21. Michael Richardson says

    Let it continue the same way

  22. King Quid says

    I think it’s time to reunite father and sons in January (kean and salcido)

  23. liam chap says

    amazing series tho

  24. liam chap says

    stop using tiki taka it really don’t work ??‍♂️

  25. Jonathan McMahon says

    Love the series, please keep posting it on Youtube!

  26. Darragh Buckley says

    Keep this series on YouTube please !

  27. Emmanuel Adu Essah says

    Great series

  28. ihsan jejelomo says

    Vikram you’re getting sacked can’t lie

  29. Adekola Emmanuel Ayomikun says

    Manny what about getting either Moise Kean or Eddie salcedo your son's back?

  30. Brandinho says

    nah keep uploading on youtube

  31. mehmet bora tuncer says

    Past and present Galatasaray

  32. Mr random Er says

    buy ur son eddie salcido

  33. Sebastian Skeie says

    buy one of your sons manny

  34. Maximilian Wirum says

    amazing series

  35. UP THE VILLA !!! says

    Love this keep streaming and putting it on YouTube please. LEGEND

  36. Demarea Nelson-Sylvain says

    Continue the series

  37. Sammy Clark says


  38. josh smith says

    Keep doing this please its actually really good

  39. G7 F says

    I don’t know if he has said this or not but is this going to be a multi season series or just 1

  40. Tiago Delgado La Touche says

    Norwich r going to be relegated like in real life bc they started well remember and 5hen they collapsed.

  41. Tiago Delgado La Touche says

    I like the series

  42. Jude Griggs says

    Please carry this on

  43. Austin Houghton says

    Great series, please keep it up!

  44. Fludey says

    This series is sick

  45. MsGman3000 says

    Set your players available for the U23's until match fit so they keep match fitness

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