Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities – BBC News


A new website that lets people delve into data on the world’s cities has been launched.

Dr Robert Muggah from the think-tank Instituto Igarapé showed the BBC some of his favourite maps from EarthTime.

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  1. This channel will try to redpill you says

    There is still a problem with refugees in Europe, just go to Sweden, Germany, France, or the UK and see for yourself. And yes, it's fairly obvious that a majority of refugess are refugees to avoid humanitarian crises in their home countries.

  2. Alan Heath says

    Soylent Green for Food and throw in Tank Girl water Collector the Future will be doggy dog scenario

  3. Melissa Streeter says

    This should be a regular slot in every news program, like the weather. It's a fast education everyone should know.

  4. Ngai Jonathan says

    That's a really interesting video, thanks.

  5. Truth Troubadour1001 says

    Anyone who believes that melting sea ice is going to cause rising ocean levels has forgotten first grade science lessons about matter. Does a glass of ice water overflow when the ice melts? NO, it does not! As for carbon dioxide being a pollutant, it's a necessary thing and required by plants. Plants breathe it in and exhale oxygen. Also in first grade science.

  6. Foriyo says

    We Are Flushing Our Forests Down The Toilet!

  7. John Skiggs says

    Thank you, Your point is well made 🙂

  8. Joseph K says

    Why is this in my downloaded videos ? It was a good find but I don't remember downloading it.

  9. upinsmoke2897 says

    Love maps, thanks for the video!

  10. Paugh Eric says

    So whats the website??? lol

  11. Syed Ahmed says

    Even NASA is also hiding many truths

  12. Yasmine Nazarine says

    When I heard your voice too lowed but your face handseome man god damn

  13. Andrew Green says

    Sea levels won't rise that much. Give it a rest. ?

  14. Cliff Smith says

    Very interesting!

  15. Steve Kirby says

    Awesome maps

  16. New force says

    Immediately that map looked like bullshit to me.

  17. Fresh Beast says

    Why is this guy making a loud whistling sound every other word. Annoying af!!! Couldn't watch it

  18. Brian kayembe says

    This one is one is amazing too. ???

  19. N S says


  20. HorrorGod 666 says

    This guy was self isolating before it was cool.

  21. Karl Smallphones says

    I don't recognise England now

  22. greengrass says


  23. Born to be Wild says

    What is happening now is a corona virus.

  24. S K says

    Don't say how many degree,doesn't make sense .
    mention in terms of meters of sea level

  25. Anne* 411 says

    Got to wonder why they built major cities right by the oceanfront ready to be drowned

  26. Coltan Babz says

    I think climate change is real, anyone understanding the data would have no problem seeing it. However, humans roll in climate change as much as these researchers would have us believe, I'm not as convinced on. The trajectory of our planet's temperature has shifted, forever. So to limit your sight to seeing it changing only now and than freaking out about it really isn't constructive. What we should be worrying about instead of if its real or not, is finding a proper place for these people that will have to move when the time comes. Thank you

  27. Danish kargobox says

    : World should now understand agony of lockdown and should realise the pain of kashmiri people suffering from 8 months without any basic facilities

    I must say Indian and Pakistani militaries are not human. They even don’t deserve to b called human. لاکھ لعنت تمہارے کردار پر

  28. Charles Hollinshead says

    Theres music that's used in plague Inc and mainly motorsport manager really scary.

  29. ROBIN minj says

    YOU ARE A LIER???????????????????

  30. Benny Boy says


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