Marbula E Race 2 "Seoul" – Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs & Formula E


Welcome to the second qualifiers and marble race of the Marbula E project! 12 marbles representing the real Formula E teams will compete with each other on a course with a conveyor belt, to allow multiple laps and even more exciting racing.

=== ATTENTION: ===
Please read this first before posting comments!
– This series is a commission from Envision Racing for a crossover between JMR and Formula E
– This video has double commentary starring Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls.
– Some marbles have the same colors as the our M1 or ML teams, however there is no actual connection.
– The Marbula E project is in no relation to our other series!
– This video is edited by the Formula E team, the graphics and different as in the Marbula One.

=== Credits: ===
Commentary: Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls
Editing: Formula E

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© Jelle’s Marble Runs 2020 and Formula E: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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  1. Adam L says

    We asked for background noise in the qualy/race, and you delivered.

    We asked for Greg Woods back in the commentary booth, and you delivered.

    We hoped it would be a close, hard-fought race, and sure as heck did it deliver!

    Thank you so much to all involved in creating these, magnificent stuff!

  2. Anonymous Wolf says

    daily wire

  3. Andrew says

    I think this was the most intense marble race so far. And "Marbula One" or whatever you decide to call the competition on these types of tracks are the most entertaining races.

  4. Jeremy Nicoletti says

    This is obviously a drinking game – care to share your rules?

  5. emiliano sosa says

    They're going to make a movie about marbles I swear..

  6. Sans The skeleton. says
  7. Steve Hardy says

    Goddamn it Dragon…

  8. Marukaz says

    Any chance for more of this or did Formula E drop this?

  9. Arif Danial says

    I’m a Porsche supporter!
    Comment down below who you support : )

  10. ChriS843 says

    How am I this bored lol

  11. Ian Kane says

    Of course Mercedes is gonna win the constructors as always…

  12. Ndeyapunye Vaenduanawa says

    Fire the entire Envision team.

  13. Steve Tyner says

    Why is this so exhilarating

  14. First Cooommment says

    "We're losing our marbles."

    The most wholesome trend in 2020 is this.

  15. bence tamás says

    wtf is this

  16. Mitu Raj says

    Most thrilling and unpredictable race of the season ??

  17. Mitu Raj says

    9:24 jaguar God mode
    10 seconds later: bottled the lead
    12:42 God mode again

  18. Pontus Lidekil says

    I think haveing 2 is great sense the action is so fast normally one man can not really keep up with everything and comment on it haveing 2 really adds to the experiance I feel.

  19. El CID71 says

    Hannibal Buress, right on man??

  20. David Madej says

    Came to see the john oliver sponsorship, guess it’s not coming on soon.

  21. Christian Pipp says

    Why am I more excited for this then any actual sports?

  22. Mihael Jelaš says

    Wtf did i just watch?

  23. Grant Wright says

    Porsche sucks!

  24. ICEMAN3rdID says

    Can’t stop watching

  25. Sahil Shah says

    Driver’s view is just too funny!

  26. Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic says

    How high do you have to be to watch this?

  27. ronnie ssebaggala says

    Here from Joe Rogan and Hannibal ?

  28. Ellie Gray says

    So much work went into this, and it's legitimately hilarious. Both commentators work well, talking about different aspects of the event and racers. It's also so amusing to me how perfectly this parodies the energy and seriousness of Forumla E.

  29. HVZE says

    Thank you Hannibal Buress. ??

    Low stakes.

  30. Kalungi Fresh says

    Don’t jump with the shark with drivers eye. I forgave you for the medics line not this time

  31. tokyo says

    Wtf did i just watch?

  32. How Comes says

    Joe Rogan & Hannibal Buress Brought Me Here ??

  33. Jean Aicardi says

    Anyone here from Joe Rogan Hannibal Buress podcast?

  34. Daniel Solomon says

    POV: You're here from Joe Rogan interview with Hannibal Burress.

  35. little bill says

    Maybe slomo Drivers eye?

  36. Freeway says

    Damn, you blew up!

  37. Taylor Stock says

    Thanks Joe Rogan

  38. Josh Frye says

    I'm here because of Hannibal Buress.

  39. Alfredo The Gamer says

    Where Did You Get The Track From?

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