Martin & James ~ All over the news • [lyrics]


Martin and James performing “All over the news” live.
First single released on March 18th, part of the debut album “Martin and James”.

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  1. Bruna Junger says

    se puder, disponibiliza as letras! =] mtoo bom

  2. milelchen says

    Love this song. there's so much truth in it.

  3. Sohaib Chaudhry says

    gud song by vocals

  4. venaly3 says

    @JannisBaumert: Search for the official video for wrong directions, go to theier website or simply buy their awesome album!

  5. jaalba says

    great video! :))

    and I didn't find the studio version of 'Wrong directions' by Martin & James. Can anyone hep me?

  6. mysugarlipsss says

    I can't agree more with the comment down 🙂 lovely my dear X

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