Mel Gibson's Lifestyle ★ 2020


Lifestyle 2020 ★ Mel Gibson’s Net Worth 2020

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  1. Dee Nielsen says

    Nice homes, I even would settle for the log cabin… all just beautiful….❤️. &. ??’s from the neighborhood Minister Ms Dee…..

  2. Major Paine says

    Mel Gibson is a genius I really do miss the old movies

  3. Ian Nelson says

    Fix the bloody sound please…..jeez

  4. lenny108 says

    so Mel is also an expert estate agent, although it seems that buildings don't mean much to him

  5. Gary McAleer says

    Mr. Gibson, email me: I have the perfect Christian Sci-fi story to inspire many to see the faith we share.

  6. Rob Steffen says

    Bat shit crazy !!

  7. jon gibson says

    How bout Jon Gibson, hes been raising eyebrows also!! ???

  8. Stuart Bell says

    Bit of a tit who likes the young yin’s ?

  9. Milroy Nishantha says


  10. Recipio says

    Remarkably conservative taste in houses and cars. He makes brilliant movies however.

  11. Patrick Mulligan says

    He needs a good middle man to drive him around!

  12. John Bowser says

    Anti-semetic a—hole

  13. Janet Wells says

    How could he make 475 mil on Passion of Christ and then have a net worth of 425 mil ?

  14. Marc McCinnes says

    Proof you can name those with the long noses and still have a future.

  15. Grace Madejski says

    His father moved the family to Australia to avoid Vietnam draft of his older sons.

  16. TX Wombat says

    good video but after 6:50 the talking track is almost non-existent and seems to be just stretching out the video with mostly just pictures with minimal details..

  17. Tim Cavanah says

    Brittany spears

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