Mercedes Sprinter vs Ford Transit vs VW Crafter – VAN DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST



It’s time for a drag race with a difference! Mat’s rolled up in a Mercedes Sprinter, and he’s lining up against a VW Crafter and Ford Transit. They’re going head-to-head across three tests to find the answer the question you never asked… Which is the most powerful van?! Stick with Mat to find out!

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  1. tina ineife says


  2. tina ineife says


  3. Joseph Durling says

    I'd still only buy a transit

  4. marito says

    you are not funny man, stop the jokes

  5. lino ramella says

    Iveco ?

  6. Josip Jurčić says

    VW is shit

  7. itsthuger Studios says

    Mercedes sprinter is a fast van thats why its name the sprinter LOL

  8. Roz Sa says

    There is no point on having the gingster if you're only going to pretend eat it. He just slightly bit into the crust ffs.

  9. Louie Moorhouse says

    Sprinter power xD

  10. Tearjerker says

    Okay but Where's iveco? ?

  11. Stephan Rowlett says

    The man in the transit wasn't a good driver

  12. Ranger 22 says

    I’m from walsall as well Matt aha ??‍♂️

  13. Idlia Dosai says

    great!, now do lawn mower drag race

  14. Helicrete Sydney says

    2L in the Sprinter? Try the 3L V6 they go well ?

  15. fur king el says

    sprinters are rust buckets tho 6 months from new youll be able to see through it

  16. paul jordan says

    Fuck off no way the crafter is pretty good .

  17. Mr D says

    Well can’t speak for Merc but I would take vw rather than ford any day of the week 10x better in my opinion

  18. iAngeL says

    3:25 ?????????

  19. Jack_Gamez 123 says

    U can't use a rental for a drag race

  20. Özgür iren says

    Neden Renault ve Fiat yok. Onlarında video şunu bekliyoruz bu kulvarda en çok satan 2 aracın olmamasi üzücü

  21. Uejs Peza says

    I swear the crafter cheated on the grake test.Look at the footage carefully

  22. Alessio Piersanti says

    Sprinter: im fast 😀
    Fiat Ducato 3.0 MJT: are u sure?

  23. SMITHY CRS92 says

    Every courier in Britain has watched this ?

  24. Adam is here says

    Carwow, more like..


  25. Parez Hamad says

    Hi there

  26. sr. xivi says

    You read the sun ??‍♂️?

  27. liam at prevail skatehouse says

    the airfield that he was at was Turweston near Buckingham

  28. friendduck says

    Problem is with women driver in Crafter.

  29. JC Denton says

    Is this you best race ever?

  30. Stefan Feterik says

    MB The best. I order one like 3weeks ago. I cant wait to get it.

  31. hectorvector says

    So that’s why it’s called Sprinter.

  32. Эксперт says

    А вот еще один реальный обзор про Мерседес

  33. edgarjx1 says

    Sprinter brakes suck

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