Metroid: A 3D Printed Computer


Hello! As the title describes this is a computer case.
Inside it are:
-ASUS ROG Strix X370-i
-ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo
-GeIL 16gb DDR4 Super Luce RAM
-Thermaltake SFW Toughpower 600w fully modular PSU
-Thermaltake Riing RGB Fans (120mm, 200mm, Cpu cooler)

“Heavy Metroid” arranged, performed, and mixed by Mike “Gizmo” Gismondi
Based on compositions by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano
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  1. Outsider Gameing says

    Man could u do more vids? (I follow u on insta)

  2. Outsider Gameing says

    thats a piece of art. good one

  3. Sean Martin says

    that is cool man

  4. StarsideCanine says

    That is one SICK BUILD!!!

  5. Kelsi Cosme says

    Well hello!! Adore your video?

  6. Paul's Hardware says

    Awesome build man! I love scratch-built cases, and you did a really good job documenting this with the time lapses and the 3D model. Excellent work!!

  7. sosoae86 says

    My mind is f!@#$%^ blown…bravo!!!!!!!!! So creative <3

  8. Lich King Ethan says

    I want, i need. Metroid. Is.

    L I F E

    seriously though, id love to have one if i wasn't so damn broke D'x

  9. TheCaptain says

    Very cool!

  10. JChalant says

    great build!

  11. Nerys says

    That is one of the most ludicrous wastes of plastic I have ever seen. And I loved every second/gram of it.

    Amazing. Awesome. Cool is not sufficient. That was just incredible! The lighting just REALLY nailed it. Icing on the cake. SO freaking cool 🙂

    Subbed. how the hell do you only have 2000 subs?

  12. Tim Keller says

    Did you bring your machine to PaxEast?

  13. KaineSpawnX says

    Love the/my music! Top-notch case as always too.

  14. hh4hooch says

    Yes!!! I love your vids man! Made my day! This is dope.

  15. Dayn Socha says

    omg!! Epic!

  16. Joseph Guernsey says

    That is amazing!!

  17. Brian Zuercher says

    Nice work man!

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